Looks good!


Is this a sneak peek from the new airport they are working on?

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Is it me or does it look more detailed already than LHR?

Because I think they were speeding up work at LHR Airport. This is why there are many bugs at the airport and the jetbrige is not real.

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I agree. I wish they had taken their time with LHR and not rushed it. I love the airport but I’d rather see them take their time and get it right the first time.


Not “already”, this is probably basically the final model

I still think it looks more finished than LHR. IMO

I can’t wait

Really hope they re-visit LHR in the future, I get it is a larger scale but I feel the devs could have put so much more detail into it. Small things such as no gate numbers or no HSBC signs on thr boarding bridges. I am not disappointed, if anything happy and amazed LHR is in the game but I’ve been playing this game for 5 years now and know the devs can do better!


Also we didn’t get a terminal view for lhr

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So good news! I have confirmation that the devs aren’t done with lhr and will continue to improve the optimization, graphics, and details(camera angles, terminal views, etc). Unfortunately to
@horsepowergeek’s dismay, triple jetways probably aren’t coming any time soon due to technical reasons. But we also are probably getting the old livery for emirates back so thats another yay. Also the reason why the 744RR hasnt come out is because they’ve been so busy with things like the a350/a320 reworks and syd. So I assume once the two reworks are done they will have more time on their hands and they can release the 744RR with syd


I’m gonna go cry in a corner, one sec

5 minutes later: I’m back


Sorry for your loss man :sob:

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Do we know already what runways will be in use???

I really hope the next model to be reworked after the 320 is the dash 8, def gonna be empty at SYD with the 100-300 series left out


Seems a little weird, to be completely honest. You can make two work, but three is too many? If I’m not mistaken, only A380s use them anyway? Maybe 747s?

I don’t know. I’m not a developer :man_shrugging:

I think the problem is making the third jetway attached to the door on the upper deck