Quite a nice surprise, multiple airports at the same time.

So correct me if I’m wrong, but this looks like SYD to me…

If it is, I wonder if we’ll finally see the 717 for QantasLink


It is Sydney!!!


Yes its Sydney from the looks of it.

Screenshot taken by me from FlightRadar


100% Sydney, hopefully some Qantas Classics will come with it.


I really want to see Atlanta with all 5 active runways and the good idea to make Atlanta work nicely with lots of landings and takeoffs is to split it in 2 airports in the background with north and south sections
I really hope to see it

No surprise that’s SYD. But that is a bit surprise that it comes after LHR not SXM!

No matter what SYD will be also exciting and not pretty overwhelming like LHR!

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Devs said next airport will be a big one, hence SYD, one after that will likely be a lot smaller is my understanding and what the devs have communicated


The 717 being modeled wouldn’t be too bad since it has such a small range of operators IRL
Would come very well in handy for IAD as well for Delta.

Will they use the smaller runway paralel to the large one too?

Three interesting things I notice

  1. What might the other be?
  2. Going to be a while until release
  3. Who is the partner? (I forgot the name)



Good to see more airports are coming but I’m sticking with LHR.

What airports are named after global superstars?

Is that supposed to come before New Delhi?

Johannesburg Airport (JNB) is named O. R. Tambo International Airport. O. R. Tambo International Airport - Wikipedia

It’s named after Oliver Tambo. Oliver Tambo - Wikipedia

And Johannesburg is not the biggest airport, and since we have no airport in Africa. I think it could be possible

Edit: Others are:
Nairobi (NBO) Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Jomo Kenyatta International Airport - Wikipedia

Buenos Aires (AEP) Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Aeroparque Jorge Newbery - Wikipedia

Buenos Aires (EZE) Ministro Pistarini International Airport Ministro Pistarini International Airport - Wikipedia

Montevideo (MVD) Carrasco International Airport Carrasco International Airport - Wikipedia

Rio de Janeiro (GIG) Rio de Janeiro/Galeão International Airport Rio de Janeiro/Galeão International Airport - Wikipedia

Rio de Janeiro (SDU) Santos Dumont Airport Santos Dumont Airport - Wikipedia

Brazil: BSB, CNF, CGH

Equador: UIO, GYE

Lol way too many options. If someone wants I can make an excel sheet maybe with options

Was about to post the same.
But i think the superstar one which shall take time might be DEL.

I really like smaller airports.

Also realised they don’t say what sort of superstar so could be Madeira Airport International Cristiano Ronaldo.

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I’ve just had that same thought regarding FNC, it also has its world famous approach going for it

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But my reasoning for only putting African and South American airports is because I believe the devs said they will first fill the rest of the world. Madeira is in Europe and we have loads their already

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Asia is also still very much in need