Synchronizing planes in all player airports?

Hey guys. I’ve now been on WOA for a time. I’ve currentlu reached level 14 at INN and begining iniitally at BRI. However, when I arrived at. BRI, I lost all my 6 planes, with only 1 default plane left. I think this maybe a con for improvement because players may have got a great fleet in a airport, and therefore, it would be benefitical if WOA would consider to synchronize all purchased planes to all airports, becuase then players can better operate and earn cash to further develop and explore the way in different airports and different levels.

Best reagrds,
ZZ and I hope this suggestion would be useful and helpful.

All airports start from scratch and are currently independent of each other. Meaning a fleet built at one airport cannot carry over to the next. It’s been like that since day 1 of the game.

However devs are working on a feature that will allow you to transfer your aircraft for a fee from one airport to another, so that (once complete and issued into production) will solve your concern. It might come as soon as the next update, but currently no confirmation of when that might be


The planes are Seperate per airport and do not follow you, you can still use them all at the same time, you just have to switch airports to send them anywhere


How do you use the player connect portal? I want air traffic you know.

I don’t know how i can just buy 1 plane = 100 Silver and the count goes up at top, but unable to use them to OR plane spots to increase flow to make more fares?

1 plane cost 19000 WOA Dollars and increasing 2-3:1 per departures… the simplification of doing it just makes it harder, and I love watching airplanes fly all the time.


Just check these two youtube channels and you will get it

World of Airports Gaming

Phat Airlines