TAP Air Portugal A340

Hey all, I hope you are enjoying your day and your new update!

With the A340 in game, and with Lisbon being an airport acessible to almost all player airports, could there be a possibility of adding the Air Portugal A340? I know this aircraft is retired, but it would be an awesome addition since the A330 is not in game yet. Additionally, it would be nice to have since there haven’t been many A340 liveries released in a while. Let me know what you all think, and in the meantime, why don’t you watch this video attached :wink: Enjoy!

Credits: Fabian Zimmerli


Would be nice to see this livery on reworked A340 model.


they should also add Air Belgium and Aerolineas Argentinas (It is literally in the video thumbnail)¨

Okay, but I’m suggesting Air Portugal :slight_smile:

Now is the time for TAP A340-300? :slightly_smiling_face:

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It would definitely be nice to have an Air Portugal L aircraft. They also operated the A330-200 and -300, but that will hopefully come in a later update.

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Yeah, it will be nice to have a L livery of TAP, and taking into account that the developers are doing liverys of A340 that some airlines don’t have actually, as Latam, Aerolineas Argentinas and Air Tahiti Nui. :airplane:

Yes, it will be great, it doesn’t matter if the airlines don’t operates yet the A340.

Someone get the wish come true:

Funny how that happens huh! Not saying i had anything to do with it, but I might just have set the plan in motion :slight_smile:

I knew they would do it, or had a very strong gut feeling

It actually wasn’t on the original list . Got it done as a special request

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Hope it was not costing another livery to make space for TAP :joy:

Not a happy guy are you…

The answer as far as I can tell is no, it did not usurp a different livery.

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Hehe, I am happy guy. Not wrong having some expectations? . :grin:


My wish has been fulfilled!

Thank you so much WoA devs, I really appreciate it as a portuguese person! :grin: :portugal:

Will we be seeing this at MCT? It’s safe to say it’s European traffic is a tad dull.

My understanding is yes we will

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Not exactly an A340 but it’s an A333RR TAP livery.

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Then let’s keep it out of the A340 thread :slight_smile: