Technical issues with WOA 2.0- NOT BUGS

maybe i am a noob, but what are devs?

Short for “developers”.

Ok txs, Problem is solved in the mean while

Game gets to title screen and stops, the play button doesn’t even pop up. I uninstalled and reinstalled and no luck. The phone is a REVVL 6x PRO 5G, with Android 13, model # is TMRV06P5G.

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What kind of reaction do you expect from me?

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Pretty sure I wasn’t talking to you!

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I think you did:

Whoever is talking to whom doesn’t matter. If it’s not fixed send a note to the devs via the pinned post in this section


Username: SundayPilot1
Platform Android 14
Device Samsung S23 Ultra
I can’t log into the game, the loading freezes on player initialization, and it’s not moving anymore.

Bad/no internet connection frequently causes that issue

Same problem here and it has nothing to do with a bad connection. I am using an iOS device.

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Mine’s Working, just restart the game.
It happened to me on my initial 2.0 update, I just restart my game.

I have a good Internet connection, I tried to run on wi-fi and on the mobile Internet, it also does not load, I reinstalled it several times

I have sent it to devs.
Bug or not, I also purchase 3 complete set for only 3 planes.
3 set of Baggage

Not sure what’s being shown here. Is the game using 3 baggage handlers when there’s only one flight on the ground? I haven’t had any issues with my PRG ground equipment, except that I under-prepared and have too many contracts, so now I have to play catch up.