Thanks, and Feedback on 2.0

First off, a huge thank you to the dev team on a terrific update. I firmly believe this is the update the game needed for long term playability and interest.

A few things that I have noticed that I feel like could use some fine tuning from the devs:

(1) Clarifications on how the demand system works. Is this per contract? Per day? Something else? It’s a little confusing on how to navigate it.

(2) Player Planes - I’d like to see the number of player planes in your fleet at an airport NOT be tied to your contract capacity.

Right now, the system as it is limits the number of routes you can explore, and also means that you lose the opportunity to get the wonderful new liveries that the Devs have worked hard on if you have too large of a fleet. I understand having a cap, but I’d love to see these separated with different mechanics so for those who want a large fleet and AI planes can have their cake and eat it too!

(3) Ramp Agents at Smaller Airports - I’ve noticed at smaller airports, that the number of ramp agents one has is often not enough to keep the flow moving consistently, and especially at INN I am getting buildup of planes waiting to be serviced. I’d love to see some adjustments made so that more ramp agents are available and the flow can be maintained a little bit better.

Thanks again for the really wonderful update, and I can’t wait to see what is next.