The 2.1 update

A reasonable amount of effort are you slow? It takes 100 golden planes to unlock the comet do you know how long it takes just to get 10000 silver planes?? It seems like you have never played the 2.1 update for more than an hour

Woah dude, I didn’t need three separate replies. First of all:

Calling someone mentally challenged because they disagree with you is NOT going to build your case. All it does is make you look hotheaded and disrespectful. I didn’t insult you, I pointed out you made a false statement.

It’d be nice if you could quote so I actually knew what you’re referring to. Im assuming it’s your “everybody hates this game because I do” logic, so yes, I’m fairly active on the discord and I’ve seen mostly positive comments and constructive criticism.

It’s slightly more of a grind than 1.0. It was too generous in 2.0, I finished IAD in two weeks. 2.1 is a little high, but not even close to as bad as you’re saying. If your grind is that bad, you’re doing something wrong.

I asked you to specify what you need to pay for in order to “win” or play. If you can’t do that, you’re making a baseless accusation.

You’re trying to make fun of me for this while doing it.

I’ve spent a total of $30 in my 2.5 years playing. Unless you have evidence, don’t make false accusations about me. Especially when I haven’t done the same to you.

sigh… probably because the comet is a special plane and is meant to be extremely difficult to unlock. I will give you some room since you may not have the planes historical context to understand that, but that’s what it is.


1.0 was fine. 2.0 was too easy and 2.1 is too hard. Not everybody spends all day playing this repetitive game you can even check the App Store and play store the newer reviews that I see complain about the grind because the devs made it way to long

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In my opinion, whilst the mechanics is slower, levelling up is easier that 1.0. If we were to have a 300xp target for a level, the maximum xp we could get in 1 turnaround was 4 (x planes). If were to get to 300xp with only X planes, it would take us 75 handles to get there. Now, 1 L player planes offers over 100xp (generally). So, in order to reach the 300xp target you would need around 3 L player planes (plus a couple of extra planes). To receive the rewards, you need 10 handles, so after 50-ish handles, you’ll get rewards. Although the only issue with that is in order to complete the levels quickly, you’ll need a reliable connection partner, which is the only downside…

Also, if this is also about earning Gold Planes, I only played for about 3 hours a day (which isn’t the whole day) since the update came out and I got my first 10GPs within two weeks; much quicker than I’ll ever get GPs in 1.0.

(Just stating my opinion. Don’t roast me for it…)


I’m not here to sing the praises of the 2.0.1 (get your update numbers right lol) leveling system. I think a few things need to be rethought out with its namely –

  1. When regional and international contracts are unlocked
  2. When the next airport is unlocked

The unlocking of airports is a little slow, and it would be nice not to have to fully max and complete an airport before moving on to the next one.

But other than that… I love it.

A few other notes…

Woah dude… chill. No need to be this combative here. It’s a game for Christ’s sake. I earn about 1.5k SP per day. It’s not that hard. I’m turning in the 10k SP to 10 GP for the third time today, AND will still have 11k SP left over. It ain’t bad AT ALL. Also… just in case you forgot… GP wasn’t earnable in 1.5 and SP was extraordinarily slow and hard to earn. This is a massive improvement once you recast your thinking into the new system.

I think this is one of the plusses to the new update - multiplayer is so essential. That will take away from the repetitiveness for those who choose to use it in conjunction with the discord and forums, and will lead to a better play experience. I’m glad its being encouraged by the devs.


As I said, it’s a small dev team and if, like you said there are thousands of complaints it takes time to sort through them and prioritize them. Just because people complain about things doesn’t make ever single complaint valid.


The game only goes by fast if you grind it all day every day.

The only thing I would have liked to have known in advance is that it would have been better to reset all airports before the update.

I almost think having so many transferred contracts and fleet gives you a false sense that the airports should be super busy from the outset. Having started 2.0 at SXM to learn the game naturally I am now finding INN and BRI a tad slow, but mainly because I have so much transferred that I cannot use. However in contrast I absolutely loved SXM and the process of building an airport from the ground up with the new mechanics.

Overall I love the update and think it makes for much better gameplay and realism. I just wish we’d have known pre update to reset all airports, or post update have the option to reset them and lose transferred contracts but keep fleets ready for when you expand your airports

I work 3 jobs. Don’t make assumptions on how much other people play as you probably don’t actually know :slight_smile:



Kudos man, that’s not easy.