The 2.1 update

This update added a lot of new stuff it’s obvious. But there are so many changes that have completely slowed everybody down way too much and they removed a lot of features people wanted to keep. You can’t reset airports. There is no speed up button. And in 2.0 I agree the levels were too easy but in 2.1 they are too slow. There is no way these devs really made it so that planes take a decade to get off the runway. golden airplane system to unlock new planes is also annoying. And because of the slow arrivals there’s a point where you simply cannot land more planes because they take too long. Land bigger planes oh wait you can’t because of the ground crew system. Increase turnaround times by assigning less crew to a plane. Oh no now the contact admin gets angry. This update has made it to the point where if your on an airport you stuck with it until your 20


There’s no motivation to play because you could play for hours not and not get anywhere

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Yea the new XP requirements is good at big airport, but man it really slowing down my progress on INN

Yes even at a semi big airport like IAD it takes too long because there’s a point where you simply cannot land enough planes

I started PRG 3 days after 2.0 (I started off playing SXM), and I’m only level 19, even with playing 4 hours a day. I have max contracts and gates, but I’m not getting anywhere.

I also think what doesn’t help is how the airport unlock is second to last for level up, and also the stars system is so spread out.

I feel that contracts have made the game less motivating, as it used to be like this: buy somewhere, see a cool plane livery. But with this, it is: go to the contract map and spend SP which are quite difficult to get in the early stages, on a cool plane. Or wait until you get Regional Contracts, which come once a day.

A way to fix that could be having a multitude of contracts show up, say from 3 different airlines, and you pick how many you want. With Regional, maybe it could come around every 6 hours, then International every day

I think a longer term solution should be something I have mention before, where in the menu, you can adjust how long it takes to get a level up etc. however, that would take a long time to implement.

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No what the game needs to do is make the game less Grindy they literally made it so that nobody can progress without playing nonstop for a week

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That’s what I said in the last part. There could be something like a slider, to lower or increase how much it takes to level up

I agree but for now a better solution would be to decrease the time it takes to level up. The worst part is there is no sign on the discord that the devs are gonna make the game any easier. If this game is pay to win I’d rather just quit

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Yeah, I mentioned it ages ago, but I don’t think that is what the devs are thinking about, as we are somewhat of a minority. I don’t think it’s pay to win, more pay to play. As I used to play on my phone, till I got an IPad, and NGO was the farthest I got, with a year of play 3 hours a day, three days a week every week.

I think it is something that needs to come, as I slowly am progressing onto other games, which I don’t want to do, but I feel like I am forced, due to the slow progression

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Same here I’m literally downloading an apk on blue stacks now just so I can get fair progression

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Tbh I think we should do what war thunder players did and give the game bad reviews and boycott until we get the changes everybody wants this is ridiculous

Boycott? I think that’s too far

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Uh, unlike War Thunder, these devs are sincere and actually listen to the community. So boycotting them is absurdly and unnecessarily punitive.

I see a lot of only focusing on the bad parts and not the good ones. This update is fantastic, though not perfect. The flaws such as slow leveling (it’s not much slower than the previous version, by the way) do NOT warrant a boycott in any way.


It’s been days and there are thousands of complaints all the devs can focus on is the arc and event planes. Either way the game will die because it’s not attractive to new users and the old users are sick of it. It’s better change now then wait for a big update and the game dies

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You have to realize that the dev team is small, unlike warthunder , woa devs do care but it takes time to make changes because they are small. Warthunder just doesn’t give a shit about their players!


There has been hundreds of complaints for days and not even a message to show that they know the issues and are working on a fix they are just leaving it the way it is

They haven’t even mentioned making changes . I’m fine with it taking days we just need to know because this game is pay to play. It takes a month or unlock a new plane and months to unlock a new airport

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That’s incorrect, if for no other reason that we don’t know what the devs are working on at this time.

According to who? Provide statistical evidence of that statement otherwise that’s just confirmation bias. I’m an old user an I’m not sick of it.

The majority of people complaining on the forum thus far are brand new accounts and are not being sincere, either being selfish, making false claims, lashing out at the devs, or outright refusing to learn about the new features and then blaming the devs/other players for their own refusal.

Unfortunately for them, none of that holds up well when trying to form an argument.

“Issues” and “fix” implies that the features you described are bugs, which they are not. So there’s that, then this:

This is wildly incorrect. It’s a pay to progress quickly game, like almost every F2P game in existence. Like I said about making false claims.

What exactly to do you think you have to pay for? Nothing in this game is locked behind paywalls, and everything can be accessed with a reasonable amount of effort.

And remember, it’s a free game. You’re going to have to grind if you’re not willing to break open your wallet. That’s an age old formula that nearly every free game follows. The difference is the devs are far more generous when it comes to progression and monetization.


It is correct have you seen discord. Also older player si have seen myself stopped playing because the game became to Grindy and friend of mine said they can’t even get past Innsbruck. This game is repetitive and Grindy. The reason why the warthunder grind is worth it is because it’s not a clicker game that’s just repeating for Endless hours of endless days.

You call 2.1 generous??? What mental problem do you have if 2.1 is generous then 2.0 was a trial. I’d ethane watch an ad every 15 minutes with 1.50 progression then be stuck with 2.1 progression this game is p2p and you can clearly see that. Did you not notice premium pass and how you unlock planes now. Golden planes and nukes you plan on spending an arm and a leg on micro transactions this game isn’t worth it anymore. I don’t even know why you spent the time to write paragraphs with that :nerd_face: actually that’s not statistically correct :nerd_face::nerd_face: you seem like the type of kid who actually buys golden planes and wants to gatekeep the game because you got everything.