The best plane for farming GP?

I’ve been playing INN for months now and haven’t done anything to my BRI. I’ve handled 400,000 passengers and will be buying several M-sized aircrafts to replace my soon-to-retire fleet of 3 BAe 146s and 1 E190. I’m now thinking of starting up my BRI but I need GP for that and buying some isn’t an option (for now at least). So I’m thinking of farming GP but I don’t know which aircraft to use.

I don’t know what you are talking about ‘GP farming’ but all I know that you can buy a 757, the best passenger plane and C130, the best cargo plane.

he wants to get more of golden planes so how can he get them

you can do gp farming with E190

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ohk, then you have to buy E190’s and sell them when they get to Maintenance D.

The C130 is the worst cargo plane! The B738F is faster, cheaper & carries more. The C130 has a decent model but its far from being the best.

It’s actually once they have completed maintenance C.

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Saab’s are the cheapest way to Gold but it takes a long time as they are very slow. E190 as cheapest M-plane is a good sugestion. It does depend on how many daily rounds you want to send your planes.You also can farm gold planes with B73F, but you won’t reach the number of pax with them to unlock the next airport. You could extend my chart above with the speed of each plane to calculate how much time it takes until you reach check D. Happy farming!

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