The Final Cinematic Montage

Before the release of version 2.2.3 and the subsequent patch that fixed the camera glitch, I was fortunate enough to have a decent amount of footage that I had captured after the first edit I made.

Inspired by this, I took it upon myself to create a final cinematic montage, serving as a visual tribute to the old camera glitch. This will be the last of its kind, so I really hope you enjoy.


Also, maybe the dev’s could consider using this as an ad/trailer for the game itself. I would be honored if and give my full permission.

Please note that the final footage included in this montage was captured prior to the recent update, as the shots featured are no longer possible to recreate.


@Flyboys this world really be the perfect trailer since the game doesn’t really have one

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I agree, though I can almost guarantee that music is copyrighted and would probably need to be taken out.

You are pretty talented. I love it!!! Definitely wouldn’t mind this being a trailer

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