The Haug.Land Golded Plane Duplicated?

@shill @jdrobajs or @swifterik you guys may be interested in this.

At IAD. I reached the 1,600 mark for the golden plane reward at IAD once I received it. 2 golden airplanes were under the W. Prior to this event I had none. (Spent on Unlocking A320) Now after that I let the Haug.Land Plane land and It Duplicated the plane.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of the Aircraft together. As I had no idea this was gonna happen. Now its -1500 (or so) to get the next golden airplane.
Now I know this may be a request that could maybe be impossible (or not) but can I have the Haug.Land reward at IAD be Reset to 0/2,000? Since the first time I was supposed to be at 2000 not 2400.

Kind Regards~