The strategy for collecting airline liveries

As the title suggests, collecting liveries as a goal after unlocking all the airports is also very interesting. But I want to know if there is any strategy to collect more liveries faster, or if there are any special liveries that can only be collected at specific airports? thank you!

If you have contracts that are transfers that you don’t have yet unlocked than you can pick it up.
Events are another great way to collect airline liverys but if you don’t have enough slots than it’s probably not the best way to do it unless you want to cancel some.
The best solution that I found is that if you have a lot of wollers you can accept an livery that you have not yet got, cancel it and accept another one but beware doing that can cost quite a lot of wollers so it’s not worth it if you desperately need wollers.


I have the privilege of being able to say that I can simply buy them.

And yes, there are liveries that are only available at special airports, which is kind of logical.
But basically you have to look out for events every day, there are often rare ones that nobody has yet.


Hence my 3rd point pay to get :sunglasses:


:slight_smile: ost of the rare airline designs are events that come out daily, you just have to keep an eye on them because those designs cannot be purchased since they are only one-time contracts and

How can I “collect” liveries, only as screenshot or can I use them on my own planes ?

The WoApedia. Each time you handle a plane with a livery you’ve never handled before, as a reward, you get that livery in the WoApedia. You can see what liveries you have by clicking it when you open the game

And also unfortunately the WoApedia does not affect how you can paint your planes.

Thanks a lot … found

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