The Too-Much-Money-Siuation

I guess I’m not alone with this but since my addiction to this game has caused a massive W-overflow at some airports and I don’t know what to do with all the Ws I was thinking about ways to waste the money and maybe we can find a solution on how to get rid of that much money. :wink:

One idea was to have a leasing option for new players where you can buy aircraft and lease them for a small fee to other players to support their growth.

Another idea would be to build special buildings on an airport, a kind of airport city, that may not generate revenue but waste millions of W.

A bit harder to implement would be lounges inside a terminal that generate a higher income on flights that will be served on this terminal.

But maybe you guys have better ideas.


I am getting in the same situation with over W 30 million on IAD. However this is planned to prepare for future expansion of the game which is going to cost a lot in gold planes.

My strategy to save up on gold planes is to fly my own planes to just under the C maintenance limit and sell. And replace it with a new airplane. My current fleet at IAD is 12 BAE 146, 24 B737,54 B777 and 4 A380. To replace all of them in the future I need 12 x W 44.000,- (W 528.000,-), 24 x W 96.000,- (W 2.300.000,-), 54 x W 375.000,- ( W 20.025.000,-) and 4 x W 445.000,- (W 1.780.000,-). I am currently waiting for the player-owned Cargo planes which will use the rest of the money.

And NGO is still in a buildup phase. But that has to finance it’s own operations.

So the W 30 mill is just sufficient :smile:.

And keep in mind that the ultimate goal of the developers is to provide a game where you can have your own airport! I sure want to have some bucks when this opportunity presents itself.

Holding on to what you have may be the best strategy for now.

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Ahh if only i had that issue :joy:. I agree woth the proposal for sort of achivwment buildings for wasting w. Or maybe that money could be spent to buy special perks (not play related, cometic stuff?)


You will, you will. Keep playing… :wink:

I started on October 25th last year. The day that the App was available.

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I would love this idea. Almost like buying used planes, but only for a small amount of time. It would really help me out at Bari since I started a new airline :stuck_out_tongue:

@RudiMentaer75 We had that topic several times already and it always seems the devs are happy with the current situation.

My opinion: I think the only thing what helps is to change the cost/income structure. In the beginning this game is really hard and it takes long to unlock everything, what is good (even though I am happy that we had much more gold plane rewards when we started playing). But right now there is a point in the game where there is no challenge anymore. I reached this point on the day they had a 50% discount on the A380… And all the ideas above like new buildings, leasing of planes etc. will only have a very short impact on your money if you still can earn 4 or even more million a day.

We are earning way too much with the L and XL planes, I know they say there is a formula behind but I think using the same formula for an ATR and an A380 can’t work out.

One example: Just take a look on the routes we can unlock. S routes are costing 10k, that means you need to fly a lot with your S plane to cover these costs and start earning money. And until you can buy a new ATR you fly a lot.

On the other hand for a XL route you are paying 30k or 40k (not sure) and with the first flight (e.g. IAD-SYD) you are earning 67k already… And 67k per flight means you can buy a new A380 after only 7 to 8 flights. The deployment of maintenance and fuel costs haven’t had any big impact for me to be honest. The costs for A+B check are quite low compared to the income and C+D are way too expensive compared to a new plane especially with the rest value of the golden planes.

What I want to say is: as long as we have this money/cost structure we will always have way too much money. New buildings, leasing etc won’t change anything for long but I agree all this would be nice to have (like all other new content) :slight_smile:

My solution would be to create a new formula for L and XL planes to reduce the income per nm. But I don’t think the devs want that and it wouldn’t be a popular decision in the facebook community :smiley:


maybe another option of wasting money would be tremendous expensive maintenance hangars where you can maintain your own aircraft?

Facebook-Whiners couldn’t say much about that since they can send their aircraft to the existing maintenance airports :grin:


Add a demand option. This way you guys don’t keep sending A380’s from IAD to SIN. With demand, you guys are able to wait until “customers” want to fly from these destinations. If you keep sending your planes, the demand will go down, eventually meaning that you will be losing profit.

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And to mirror real life the A380 should especially be vulnerable to this. As soon as your occupancy starts dropping below idk 80ish percent (idk the actual figures) you start losing a lot of money

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Well yes that is the reason why I suggested that.

This would be a nice feature to have, but there would still be a computer behind. That means the whole demand thing will only result in a different way of a “cool down timer”. I think it would not help much…

I don’t think this has anything to do with cool down. It could take days for demand to rise again, not simply 15 minutes.

Ok, but if it takes “days” - why should we play daily. I think it is still a game and if you assume the demand will take that long to recover it won’t help the game.
Especially if you check the real timetables. One, two or even three L/XL flights per day and route were normal (before corona). When I watched the planes arriving at SYD it was crazy how many L and XL planes arrived from Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Singapore daily…

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Well think of how many are cargo flights.

Plus, you play daily, so that is your problem that cash is overflowing. Do something else in your life I don’t know what else to say. It was simply a suggestion.

Plus IAD-SIN doesn’t even exist IRL, if you want to be realistic with timetables…

@Kyle I won’t join this level of discussion

Another idea to burn money:
An option to add Wi-Fi, in flight entertainment etc. to each of your own planes. If you have equipped all your planes you maybe get a star behind your name, but you are not earning more money per flight. And these “upgrades” can only be done in your own hangar or when you purchase a new plane.


So let’s take PRG as an example.
Last quoted passengers number for a year 17,804,900
Quoted movements number : 154777

So it works out at roughly 49,000 passengers a day (albeit there will be peaks and troughs for times of year) and 212 arrivals a day and around 115 per flight.
The issue I have with the game and why the profits are so high, is the 100% capacity on all flights, on most inter continental flights decent loads are anywhere around 85%, on commuter flights more like 60-70% due to the frequency.
Devs could easily fix this with adjusting the capacity on the aircraft as a start. While a 380 is rated for 853, nobody ever did it. EK went to 615 on their 2 class birds, but most are in the 450-550 range, so drop it down to that level and you have almost halved the total revenue.
Same goes for the other big birds. A 787 in the game holds 420. In real life the most I have seen are the DY 789’s at 344 and many are closer to 200 than 300. A 777 in the game holds 550, the new 779 will only hold a max of 426 (per Boeing)

So step 1 would be the align the passenger counts a bit closer to reality on the X and L’s (M’s and S’s are actually a lot closer to their real life counterparts), if anything the 320 for example could go up as the 321 can hold up to 240.

Step 2 could be to put a cap on daily passengers and you manage your fleet accordingly. So again for PRG you could cap it at 75,000 and go from there. The cool down timer will stop you from pushing all the passengers through the big destinations like now and the generics will take their piece of the pie, But you have to do step 1 before you do Step 2.

Step 3, could be to implement a slider for the passenger count for a particular flight. Fix the generics at 80% and then you manage the rest. So if you want your big guys to go out at 100%, fine but at some point you are going to either a)run out or b) have a bunch of flights going out that could lose money)

Step 4. I like what they did with the fuel now, and the maintenance, but they could apply other costs to departing flights. There’s landing charges, gate charges, security fees all manner of stuff that could be fixed per aircraft type that reduce the profit made on a particular flight.

All that said, this isn’t an airline management game, that’s only part of it, it’s an airport management game too, so we have to be careful not to push it too far in either direction, because I like the balance there is right now. With a few relative simple tweaks it could be ever better.


I agree, Though when it gives us 100% Loads it could mean it isnt the a/c load. It could be the slot. Because Airlines pay for slots at airports, it could be the payment of the slot/s.

I agree, that would be really good. Especially step 1! But instead of a daily capacity at an airport (step 2) I would suggest an alternative: Feeder flights for your big boys.
E.g. To have a 100% filled A380 from PRG to IAD you need to have 5 own A320 and 5 generic A320 to be handled to/from other European cities. Planes from your connection partner should count twice.
The only thing I have no solution in my scenario (Same as for your step 3) is that you only get generic traffic once all of your own planes have arrived. This could be a problem on smaller airports like Bari or Prague…


That could be solved by a different way of scheduling arrivals. A certain mix of owner and generic planes with S, M, L and XL planes in random numbers.

This makes the turn-around time for the heavies also random.

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