The Tranquility Alliance

Greetings to the WoA community. I hereby formally announce the formation of our new alliance which we call the tranquility alliance.
We have one aim which is to help the entire community grow and not limit progress to the alliance members only. Yes, we allow our members to have contracts with everyone from the community (priority should of course be given to anyone who needs help within the alliance). Cross alliance connections can be considered as a highlight. You can request us contracts by replying in this topic itself.
We provide contracts as well as storage services to all our members. Our doctrine is simple “Grow and help grow”.
New members can DM me or @snoopyjr9, we will ask you a few questions and ask for a few screenshots, then we will accept or reject the application.
Prerequisites for joining include atleast 4 working airports, a few unlocked aircrafts and buying our custom colour for the livery.
Coming to the livery, we have no specific livery you need to unlock but do have a specific colour (the code of which will be shared after your application is accepted), a purple which must be used in the primary slot for connection planes.
Expecting a few applications and cross alliance contracts soon!
Happy Flying!


A couple of planes flying our alliance colours.

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Allowing 3 more members soon! Let me know if anyones interested. And thanks for the previous applications!

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We at Tranquility conducted a count of the number of contracts we all handle together. I am happy to announce that today we crossed the 650 active contracts mark within the alliance [Does not include contracts outside the alliance.]
We are now 8 members in the alliance and are looking forward to increasing this number to 10.
Happy Flying!!


I would like to announce that today as on 9th Jan the total contract count within our alliance has exceed 1750+ contracts with 13 members now.
With that we are one of the largest alliances in the community and have decided to update our joining process. After the first criteria, you are given player IDs of 2/3 players who we call verifiers and you are supposed to have contracts with them. They check on your activity throughout the completion of the contracts and you are allowed to join only if every verifier approves of your activity. Also, we have decided to limit the number of members to 15.
Thanks and Happy Flying!!


I would like to join

Me too I Will like to join

I don’t think we’re open to new people but I’m not sure

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Hey we can accept one new member this month. Please check the requirements in the first post and you can send me the details via a private message. Please Note only one member can be accepted and dont take it personally if our group of verifiers dont accept you in the second phase.

Definitely the best decision I’ve made in this game is joining this alliance. Easy player contract connections & very knowledgeable and helpful players!!!

Its what it is coz of players like you and others. Actually glad I let you on from Worldways! [Which I guess you joined late to be eligible for joining here]. Thats what happened right? @horsepowergeek

Yes he is the other worldways carry-over

I would be interested to join

In case anyone missed it
The tranquility alliance’s colors have been imagined into actual airline liveries by an artist from the infinite flight forums, and my airline is proud to be the first to fly the colors