The Worldways Alliance (Ceased operations)

Hello! I run a relatively new and smaller alliance consisting of 13 people, who I will not name here because not all are on the alliance

Joining is open but we are limiting to 20 people

Be active at least somewhat
Own a fleet that can reach other airports

Invite to the alliance discord: Discord

And the livery

There are other versions of it, and you can see those on the discord


i wanna join, also that are my default colours. can we rename it to black tails

The link is right there to join, and no we are not renaming it

Good morning,

I can’t seem to access via the invite link. Is it still valid? I was able to open it the day before.

It’s probably because I banned your alt account, use your other account and you should be able to access it

Ahh this discord. Couldn’t really get the hang of it. Everytime I open it, it asks me to choose a different username. I’ll check it now again.

Can’t access again. Anyhow, I requested connection to “mighty…”, I waited for almost 2 days without any reply. I cancelled my requests.

I am not the person to take that up with but I’ll ask other members about their experiences and check in on him

hello yes hi
I realise I kind of detached myself entirely form the alliance and i feel I should say why
I just don’t ahve the motivation to make this full blown, it’s more of an informal alliance that I didn’t really want to start anyways.
with that, I am gonna say this
I will continue to let this be a thing and just maybe I will get serious about it

Well, due to my detachment I have decided, along-side the tranquility alliance
To merge with said alliance
The discord will be deleted in 3 days and we are no longer accepting members

In reference to this I would like to say that we are acquiring Worldways members through a process and not all of the members shall be taken on.
@carlsberg72 you might want to lock this sub section of Alliances AFTER a couple of days!

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Worldways has been officially closed, only two members transferred, thanks to those who did join, it was wonderful

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Worldways Alliance 32 is looking for new members!

About us:

  • We are a relatively new and smaller alliance consisting of 13 active members.
  • We are open to everyone, but limit the alliance size to 20 people.
  • We have a friendly and supportive environment where you can learn and grow as a player.


  • Be active at least somewhat.
  • Own a fleet that can reach other airports.
  • Join the Worldways Alliance 32 Discord server.
  • Use the alliance livery.

Benefits of joining:

  • Access to alliance routes and contracts.
  • Help with fleet building and strategy.
  • A fun and supportive community.

Success with this re-start. It’s great fun to work within an Alliance.

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I don’t have discord is that okay tho

I honestly want to see where this will go, but with me now in tranquility, I am not sure what is happening
Adding on: I did not give permission to anyone for the name and I am not part of it

Hey I am interested in how you operate and stuff. I am not looking to join or something lol but can you please upload more details like a shoot of the alliance livery or somethin.

From what I can tell he copied most everything from my original post, including membership numbers, and all he did was change the name slightly and add a few extra words, I semi-wonder if he is just joking

I hope not, btw why isnt your PFP our Logo xD☠️

Idk! Never really thought of changing it, it’s somewhat my identity here and has been for years, I can though if really needed

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