Things I would like to ask the devs

Things I want to ask the devs:

What happened to the player filter in contracts? Was that a bug, or intentional removal?
What is the status of the A350 and A320 family remodels? The A350 was announced at the same time as the 787 but we haven’t had any news since, and the A320 was even earlier, but all we have heard is that it is difficult.
Should unity pricing be fixed, would DEL still be a priority, or is it not far enough along to justify inclusion at the moment?

If you do ask and get a reply on the email. Do let us know too!



All I saw was “…soon… …update (version 2.2.2)…” :grin:

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So the A350 remodel is not coming in this next update?

They said Jan on the LHR release stream. But sounds like it might be delayed.
2.2.2 hasn’t even been released as a test yet so not sure when it will appear


I mean I would be surprised because there have been NO teasers

And just to make sure, players who have unlocked the A350 will get the A35K and not the A359 right?

I don’t think that has been confirmed yet

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Please delete, wrong thread

Bring back? Its not removed?

Old Livery Of Malaysia A333?

Question: why is the B744F a B748F but its classed as L?

and why does the B744F only have one airline?(Kalitta Air)

It’s a placeholder model