This forum is so Diverse and Active

After around 6 Days on this forum I want to thank everyone who chose to join. This forum is so diverse from different areas of the world (North America, Europe, Asia etc…) The languages we all speak. (English, Spanish, Czech, German and French, Dutch as well! :smiley: ) Did I leave any out? I know this doesn’t have Anything to do with WOA but I just sit down and think of how there is more people than just American or British folk.

This Forum is really cool and I hope it gets more diverse and have more nations active on.

Much Love

-William from Maryland U.S.A

(p.s If I cant like I hit max today, lol didnt know.)


Hi, you miss the Dutch language :slight_smile:
And yes I like forum too, it’s is a relatively small forum community but I can keep up with all posts like this.

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I am trying to speak polish daily as well :smiley:


Im learning french right now Moi Amie’s /Ami’s :smiley:

(Amie - Feminine/ Ami - Masculine.)

Fun fact: Beard in french is a Feminine term!

I am Dutch, supposed to learn French, English and German in highschool English is currently perfect… In German I can make myself clear and understand alot… 3th foreign language isnt French… Oh noo :smiley: Baaie Dankie, otherwise known as Afrikaans (South-African) it is!
There isnt much that I can say in French, neither in Spanish…however in Spanish I know the most important sentence ever… Dos cerveza por favore! (2 beer please!)
In French I know 1 sentence… which may not be appropriate for this forum :smiley:

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I am learning Spanish at the moment, if I ever become fluent enough in it I may help to translate the game if needed.

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Oh… Also that it a very important sentence.

:+1: Much repect!

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