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Trying to do something fun for the forum.

We can’t do it for MCT (yet). But would there be interest in a thread(s) celebrating passenger milestones in the game.
For example:
1m at INN
3m at BRI
10m at IAD

As this game doesn’t really have XP levels in the same way as others do. This is a decent metric to show achievements by. If I can remember how to recreate them. I could even introduce an award system to celebrate on behalf of the the forum.

I know many of you will be beyond those levels. So I’m not adverse to creating multiple awards. But single threads per airport.

Again just a bit of fun to keep legends and newbies alike engaged. Give folks something to work for if they have completed everything else.

  • Sounds like fun- I would do this
  • Meh it’s ok. But what the h@@l
  • Not really for me

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How can you see how many pax you have moved? I would do something like this, but I’ve only been playing for about 2mo, so I doubt I’m anywhere close to those numbers.

If you click on the trophy icon on the game screen and then pick “achievements” it will come up (apart from MUscat)
If you do that in the airports you will get the info for that airport. If you do it from the main screen you can scroll and get all of them

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Ins - 200k
Bri - 300k
Prg - 608k
Wash - only 50k, just unlocked recently.

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Milestones you mentioning above on passing passenger levels ? I have to buy Destinations/Arrivals to get enough planes of all mixes to sustain my levels when my connections to other Players takes time to get right. I get messages of who now handles my fleet or planes routed. I do not get Achievement Connection Points for trying to maintain. Play through 4-5 Airports and log out. The System consistently “Oops! Something Went Wrong-Restart” boosh## everytime my earned Income comes up at a fast pace. The system is bugged to tag out high earners. No one cares that it is not addressed properly. Like I sed, get in, play anf be out. Im out … Fed up actually.

I wish I would care …


Frank not nice and i don’t care for your rude comment.

I don’t think it is the fact that no one cares (it annoys everyone, not just you), but it is the fact that the small WoA team is trying to create new and better improved features so that we can have smoother gameplay (and the fact that the old shapes are the reason that the game doesn’t cope well). According to the Apps Store, the latest version they have bug fixed was version 1.5.3. Those would be ones that is actually fixable and can be done quickly, but there would be aspects of the game where it is hard to locate/fix bugs within the code.

I’m sure there are many high earners in the game that is just as annoyed about this, but I think it is plainly got to do with what is happening on the screen at any one time. A crowded airport, more chances of crashing than an empty airport. The device has to process so much information at one time, it can’t cope. Still, there are many high earners still earning high even with all of the crashes.

My theory: The team is creating all of these upgraded planes, and passengers etc. to allow the game to run with better performance on devices and not have them crash as much as now. (Probably something to do with mesh modelling, but we need a dev to answer that). We can see that the newer models looks much smoother and visually pleasing than the old one. Better modelling = smoother gameplay. They’ll get there eventually, but it may take some time.

P.s.These are all my opinions and there are not many sources to prove them.

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It’s not the only thread you posted you were out, but you keep posting it on and on and on. I’m tired to read it.

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Dont require you’re side comments either. Posting in these open forums is my right and will when the need in regards to THIS game like everybody else. Dont read nor respond.

It’s because you could have the decency to post your complaints, some of which I agree with, to the thread that is related. Look back at the first post here. It has nothing to do with what you are complaining about.