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Trying to do something fun for the forum.

We can’t do it for MCT (yet). But would there be interest in a thread(s) celebrating passenger milestones in the game.
For example:
1m at INN
3m at BRI
10m at IAD

As this game doesn’t really have XP levels in the same way as others do. This is a decent metric to show achievements by. If I can remember how to recreate them. I could even introduce an award system to celebrate on behalf of the the forum.

I know many of you will be beyond those levels. So I’m not adverse to creating multiple awards. But single threads per airport.

Again just a bit of fun to keep legends and newbies alike engaged. Give folks something to work for if they have completed everything else.

  • Sounds like fun- I would do this
  • Meh it’s ok. But what the h@@l
  • Not really for me

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How can you see how many pax you have moved? I would do something like this, but I’ve only been playing for about 2mo, so I doubt I’m anywhere close to those numbers.

If you click on the trophy icon on the game screen and then pick “achievements” it will come up (apart from MUscat)
If you do that in the airports you will get the info for that airport. If you do it from the main screen you can scroll and get all of them

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Ins - 200k
Bri - 300k
Prg - 608k
Wash - only 50k, just unlocked recently.

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