Timer extension for 777, 747 and A380

Without Level 6 fuel trucks at MCT and SAN, many of these aircraft are beginning to run over the times as they need more fuel than the timer allows. To fix this issue would it not be possible to either extend the timer for these aircraft, or to add the level 6 fuel truck as standard for all airports?

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the devs want you to spend some money fast forwarding things a bit by using that green button

I don’t think that’s the intention, if that was to be the case, why are there level 6 fuel trucks at other airports, allowing them to be handled normally, without getting rushed?

players would have no intrest in the game if there would be no interaction other than just tapping the buttons
small airports have till level 5 coz players need something more than just handeling the small airport
large airports already have many stands to handle so there is no point in making that even harder by keeping the level to just 5

But this isn’t ‘interesting’, it’s actually really annoying (as has been discussed in a few other threads). At the end of the day, it still has you holding onto a button, and ultimately extracts minuscule amounts of revenue from you. At the end of the day it impacts the handling of other aircraft on busy airports, and for those who have an A380 arrive when they can’t afford to rush it isn’t ideal. I can understand why some airports do and don’t have the level 6 fuel truck, but I can’t understand why SAN and MCT don’t, airports which have A380s and 777s arriving frequently, with this happening.

I dont mind it, I still make profit on it

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If you can afford to open an X stand and then you can afford to open the A380 route, then you can afford to rush the fuel service.

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I’ve never had an issue in Muscat time wise. There are a huge range of stands to work with and don’t think I’ve ever had to use the speed up function.
San Diego presents its own problems - if the heavy stands are occupied it can block your landing slots, and so that’s when I tend to refer to the speed up button as a solution.

Yes I understand, but not necessarily if the player has only just got their first X stand. Whilst it is present at MCT, SAN is the airport where the problem is most. It’s just really annoying having aircraft with services that take longer than the time your given. This was an issue on the Dash 8 upon release but was soon fixed.