TinyBar Mod

I would like to present to you my idea for a small change in the game.

Everyone of you who has many planes at your airport probably had a problem with the constant need to move the bar.

Unfortunately, this affects the comfort of the game and its result (the constant need to slide your finger across the screen and a slower response time to changes in aircraft status).

I propose the introduction of a new function. A button that will change the current appearance of the bar to a smaller one.

Below is a picture of how it might look.

We have the option to disable and enable this option. Activating this function will change the status bar. From round to rectangular. The status icon will disappear (what is currently happening with the aircraft), and its name / code will also disappear. The aircraft model, size and payment will remain. This change will allow almost twice as many aircraft to fit on the same screen. This will increase the comfort of playing, especially experienced players who have dozens of aircraft at their airport.


I think instead of that we will have more filters (what to show). On small screens it will be completely non-readable… we will discuss.


It is readable if you dont make too much things on it.
Most important is status bar and type of airplane (S, M, L or X).
Specyfic model or $ is not so important for managment. Those “tiny-bar mod” can be a little bigger or round like before, but we can cut some information for more airplanes on bar.
For me it’s good thing. I will use it if you make it.
Try scroll your airplanes (over 30) on big smartphone. It’s not comfortable.

Try to see something on 4 inch phone.
It has to fit any device game can work on (not everyone is playing on 6inch phone).

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Try to scroll 30 airplanes on 6.7 inch phone.
It has to be fit to any user (not everyone is playing on 4 inch phone).
If you dont want use TinyBar because you have small phone - no problem - dont use it, its just a filter.
If you want use TinyBar because you have big phone - no problem - use it, its just a filter.

I think two large arrows on the right and left should do the trick. Rotate 8 planes at a time when the arrow buttons are clicked. I agree that the sliding thing is really annoying.

I support this, Dulles and Prague are too busy to be swiping through planes not noticing some need services…


Possible for an tablet Version would also be a second line on top of the line which exist now.