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Hi everyone,
As i said a while back, i’d like to create a list of tips and tricks to be set up as a pinned post somewhere on here for folks to see, hopefully it will help focus people on things that will help them progress (legally) through the game.

So here’s a form i set up on google to collect some data, it’s sectioned to keep the numbers of questions you have to answer down. All I need is your forum name (for credit purposes later only), what type your submission is (form will steer you to the correct section), and what your submission actually is.

There’s a final question of anything else that could help. Note to make it easier for me to collate, it’s one entry, one submission, you can submit multiple, but they have to be done separately. Final point. To avoid non-google folks having to sign into google. All screen shots must be sent to me by message within the forum. and i will match them up at the appropriate time.

Any questions, let me know. I’m going to allow just over 2 weeks for submissions, so you have until August 31st to complete.

This is NOT for bug reports, any submissions about bugs WILL be deleted.


Link below :point_down:


E-190 vs. A319.
I fly about 100 E-190’s (total) on longest flights to earn gold planes. Has helped me be able to buy Concorde and Comet. The goal is (a) fastest turn around time, (b) lowest cost, (c) best return.

Turn around efficiency between E190 vs. A319

E190 = 3:05 min turn
A319 = 6:17 min turn

Airport Strategy

One of the great things about WoA is you can play it different ways. I like seeing the variety of airlines, while also being able to play for the challenges. One thing I learned on here is the concept of more owned planes than gates.

For example, at MCT, I have 23M (21=E190) with 6 M gates. Yes, it jams up. But at the same time, I can also fill my 12 X Gates without having to worry about WAY too many M planes and maximize the usage of only 15 fuel trucks. After restarting MCT (painfully), here is the balance I found works…

None of my gates are mixed at MCT. Turned off S planes for now.
Own 23 M; 6 M gates (708-713)
Own 3 L 787/777; 6 gates (312, 313, 314, 412, 413, 414)
Own 4 X A380 so far; 12 X center concourse, both sides)

  • Let’s me work with the max 15 fuel trucks so no planes time out.
  • Let’s me work with earning Gold planes quicker (M) and W coins (X planes)

Gold Plane Strategy:

  • I try to own 3x the number of E -190s as are the longest distances
  • I fly my highest mileage M planes to ZRH5 and INN5, then PRG5, then BRI5, then HKT4 to sell them and replace them faster.
  • At IAD, I think I had 60 E-190s going to NGO, GIG, BCN, LIS, PRG, MAD, DUB which is how I earned enough to buy the Concorde and Comet. I did buy gold planes to support the devs, TBH.
  • NGO is also good for E-190s. SAN2, IAD2, PRG2; then BKK, SIN, KUL, CGK, DPS.
  • PRG and SAN have 2 long-haul M slots

L/X planes I use to earn W, so I fly them on short distances to turn them around 2 or 3 times per day, or I fly them to other player airports.

SAN Strategy

2 E-190s (highest mileage) to NGO
10 E-190s flying back and forth to SJU and PUJ
2 777F’s to PDX
2 737F’s to LAS
737 (American Flag) and A319Neo to IAD for show

I use gates 3-8 and 13-18 for E-190s since they are the fastest time from the runway to the gate.

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