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Is there a site that has instructions/help for new users? My 10 year old son has been playing for about a month before the recent update, and now he is confused (and super frustrated) about a few things. I think he’s probably missed a few steps and hoping for advice on where to look for instructions.

He has 2 airports

These are his main issues.

  1. What does the control tower do? I think I’ve read it speeds up arrivals/departures. He’s been purchasing “stuff” in control tower using silver planes and it (seemingly) doesn’t do anything. Are there instructions somewhere about how to use the control tower effectively ?

  2. What do the hearts do? He’s been activating the hearts on all his planes. Does the heart denote a plane a favourite/priority? Are there instructions somewhere about how he should use these?

Thanks in advance. I suspect there’s an obvious answer we’ve missed, but the poor little guy is gutted he can’t understand the game now

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  1. Tower agent does 4 things.(it tells you on each one by the way what it does, but see below.

A) approach - organizes the landing queue and speeds up the landing sequence by up to 6% for 15 minutes at a time.
B) departure- same as approach but for departing aircraft
C) delivery - automatically selects gates for incoming aircraft and speeds up the time (chocks) between aircraft arriving at a gate and starting the handling sequence
D) ground - automates the pushback after the plane has been handled and also increases the speed of taxiing

  1. Hearts just favorite an aircraft in case you want to push it through faster than others. Noting that this does not have any impact if you are using the tower agent

Thank-you! Junior is very relieved, and back into the game.

He’s busy thinking about return on investment with 6% faster movements. And I’ll roll my eyes extra hard next time someone makes a snide comment about kids and tablets/games. Between the airports and farming simulator, he’s got a better handle on debt to equity ratios than most adults I know.

Thanks again. You’ve made his day explaining it in a way he can understand.