Tips on how to start a fleet?

Hi everyone! Thanks in advance for Responding I will be sure to read everything.

I am wondering on how to start a fleet that is sustainable, efficient and profits get returned quickly. I am currently at IAD with 5 L stands. 1 X stands and lots of S and M stands. (Also the 2 M cargo stands and 1 X cargo.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am very excited to see what you guys have suggested!


What I did in IAD and NGO was simply grind until I purchased one A380. Once I purchased the A380, I simply stopped servicing the regular airliner planes, and only logged into the app when my own plane returned. This way, there was never a queue of airline planes landing at my airport, making the plane servicing sequence quicker. Obviously, once I save enough cash to buy another A380, I buy it immediately. This method, although takes time initially, grows your fleet exponentially, and eventually can make you hundreds of thousands, even millions in about one hour of playing a day. Once I maxed out the XL stands, I simply invested the money into buying a fleet of A350s to fill the L stands.

I currently make about one million W for 40 minutes of playing at IAD and 700 thousand in NGO, and since you aren’t buying multiple planes at the same time, the maintenance is staggered, which makes managing cash easier(at least in my opinion).

It might not be a very appealing way of starting a fleet, but the rewards at the end are quite high. Good luck!


i read different posts about fleets etc, i personally like to paly the game with existing ‘real airlines’ , but am looking now at starting a fleet in IAD , I currently have a full airfield with all stands. in W wise- 35000, and 12 gold planes…

so, question is … where do i start … A320 / B737 ? - what can i make ( W Wise ). i want to start making BIG money , like tako18126 above.

so, over to the Pro’s , and help , guidance, to get me some big W’s please.


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save the money for A380s and unlock long range destinations like SIN, KUL, BKK, CGK if you’re playing at IAD. One flight rewards you with 45-50k. If you don’t have the patience you can buy L-aircraft that earn around 35-42k but they travel much longer on those routes. Once you have a fleet of 10 of those big birds money comes in and you can start creating S & M fleets

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ta, so, just keep playing as i do , will take a while, but get enough money in the end ?


Yes, you can boost your speed by supporting devs and spend some real money in the beginning but once you got a nice fleet you don’t know what to do with all that money :grin:



Angeber :joy::crazy_face:



An answer you may not expect is this one: stay away from player connections!

Sending a plane to a connection player’s destination is far less rewarding than sending it to the farthest non player destinations.

Assuming you take 50% of the flights for the achievement, you lose 50 times this difference.

Something to think about if you are in need of cash.


Thanks! I kinda figure my IAD will mainly be one ended. (The connection sends me I don’t send back) I am trying to do a Regional type fleet. With lots of S and some M.

And yes. I kinda didn’t expect that.

Now I preferr S and M planes too. More easy to obtain and you see them a lot more on your airport because of the shorter range.

I alsof think that upcoming SAN will be S and M heaven.

Exactly I currently have 2 Saabs and 1 E190 (tommorow). I have enough at dulles and I just gotta finish the E190 unlock.

looking at the B737 / A320 for IAD , how much can i expect to make per flight on these ?

I can only say for B738 and E190


On Discord HadeanLake posted on August 12th an overview of all destinations* in the #gameplay-discussion.

  • As applicable to game version 1.25.9.
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I didn’t remember this one, thank you :+1:

Hopefully HadeanLake updates this chart with the new destinations in the update. It is a very helpful document.

I want that money and golden airplanes.

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how on earth did you get to have 1623 golden planes ? - apart from actual real money purchase ?