TNCM apron


first off, I want to thank everyone involved in this project. I am a fairly new player (playing just over a year) and managed to unlock all airports except LEJ.

I downloaded this game specifically for TNCM/SXM and I must say it’s been done wonderfully but as someone from that area, and have been playing around since the release, I do have some notes.

Having the DHC6 and occasionally and ATR/Dash 8 depart from intersection D is a great way to add a bit of difference to the game but departing an E170 or CRJ9 is not very realistic.

Is there a chance to have the DHC6 only (or planes parked at stand C11-15) depart from D and have the rest take off from B (stands A/B/C1-10).

And maybe could consider the possibility of reversing the taxi path for planes who park at C1-10, as it can cause a buildup when they depart from C and another aircraft lands at D?

Also, I don’t know if others would agree, but could there be a way to pause the game when not active? It’s a bit intimidating when I leave the game wit 4 inbounds and come back to 20+.

And a request to add some flights
Caribbean Airlines from Barbados (BGI)
Air Antilles/Winair from St Barths (SBH)
GOL from Rio (GIG) and São Paulo (GRU)
Air Antilles from Dominica (DOM)

Hope you can consider some of these

Best regards