To the WOA team, Thank you

After a day of playing and getting used to the new interface, I have to say “Thank you” for all the work that clearly went into this update.

While I’m not sure I love the interface, (I did love the style and cohesion of the old interface) I do love all the new features, and the core redesign which gives the game more depth and playability.

This is important as I had quickly seen in the last version that I had maxed out the depth and had settled into a non strategic grind rhythm. I enjoyed it, but this update has added a lot more depth and good complexity.
I appreciate having more of an ATC role.
I appreciate the new destination management system.
I appreciate the fact that planes don’t just generate out of thin air and I have to wait for my contracted planes. It adds so much more to the actual management of the airports resources.
I appreciate the forced nature of managing landing and take off. (Part of the ATC play I mentioned earlier)
I also appreciate how you designed and developed a reasonable monetary sustainability model with the premium access rewards. I had long wondered how sustainable the previous golden plane for aesthetics model was. I was surprised there wasn’t more of a premium style option. Now there is and that makes sense.
Basically everything from the old game is here, plus more, plus a redesign of gameplay that actually fits some of the gaps I had seen, a better sustainability model, and 2D mode!

While it is a different game in play style, and that will be an adjustment to many, I think it’s a good move.

Well done and thank you.


Yes. Everything that @BetaGrumm Micah said. Thank you.

Well said. I second all of this. Excellent work, WOA team (mods included), believe me when I say it is not going unnoticed