Too many large planes at BRI

Unless I’m mistaken, you can only service up to 2 large planes at a time at BRI, yet I’m getting 2 large (player connection) planes in queue while I already have 2 large planes landed or on the apron. Even if I pay for the speed up, I usually can’t clear a large plane slot before the queue times out.
Is there any way to work around this, or do I have to ask my connected player to only send 1 large plane to BRI?

Planes from connection partners always arrive regardless of weather there is no free stand. All you can do is to open WoA before they pop in or stop playing this airport when the needed stands are free.


You can do one thing
If you have all the four arrival slots unlocked
then first get three of your planes in those slots(do not land these planes)
and let one slot be empty(landing que must be the least)
then land one l sized connection player plane and press the stop button below the radar
and let the L size plane reach the parking stand
then you can let another L sized plane come in that slot and make it land immediately
Till the time it reaches the parking slot
speed up the services of the first plane and send it for takeoff
By this way you can handel any number of L sixed planes at Bari even if they are arrving on the same time

check this one out
this was the same case with me but I only had to service two of them so it was not much of issue


If you have all the four arrival slots unlocked
then first get three of your planes in those slots(do not land these planes)
and let one slot be empty(landing que must be the least)

When you open the airport it’s always the connection partner planes that arrive first. You’d need to do this before the time they arrive.

yeah its very much obvious that you have to do it before the connection planes arrive

The other thing you can do is work with your connection partners.

One rule I have for BRI is they can only send you 2 at a time. That limits the problem however because you have IAD, NGO and SAN as connections it is also good if you work with your partners to stagger the sends so they don’t all arrive at the same time. That requires you to be playing at the time they arrive so they don’t bunch up together again. (One reason I always ask for timezone and times played on long haul connections so I can make it work.

Final thing you can do on this angle is work on one connection at once rather than all 3 (oh and don’t have your PRG connection send L planes too!) that way if you use the ideas noted above you can probably get 3 through the system, probably 4, but that’s not much of a money earner way to do it.


I have made a video on this

It will be available to all of you on 14 April

If you are ready you can handle infinite amount of L planes which arrive at the same time. I used to handle 5+ L planes which arrived at the same time from my connections. The described above helps to success.

Kind of like this:
There are 2 planes at the airport. More 2 planes are coming so you have to stop the queue instantly just before the other player plane lands and boost the other plane. Only for player planes btw.

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Yes but this is the only option how to handle many more than two planes from connections.

you can have a look at this video now

Hello, I am having trouble and my p2p connection flight, they disappear when I have given them a gate to land. It’s happened at bri and prg airports.

what do you mean disappear? they disappear out of the landing cards when you select the gate, then end up in the landing queue until it’s their turn. If you have the menu option on to only show planes being serviced, they won’t appear until such time as they arrive at their gate.

If they disappear completely, the only thing i can think of is either
a) they ran out of their 4 hour window to be picked up somehow
b) you exited the game and came back after a while (the timer on p2p planes keeps running regardless even if you have selected a gate)

it only has happened when i select other players planes to land, i click on the plane and given them a gate to land and park, then the game freezes, drops out with an error then when i go back in the other players plans have disappeared and only AI planes land.