Top 5 planes I would like to see

Here is a list of my top 5 planes I would like to see in the game. I am not expecting these to be added, at least anytime soon, it’s just what I would like to see in the game. Feel free to post yours as well.

  1. 767
  2. 757
  3. MD88
  4. A350
  5. A350

Also, are more versions of present aircraft planned? Like A321, 737-700, CRJ900?
Edit: 747 was added so I edited the list


Nice idea, here’s my top 5:

  1. A350
  2. A330
  3. Dash8-Q400
  4. A220
  5. B748

and I’m also a fan of diversification of types


I need just S class Airbus to complete my Airbus fleet :hugs:

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mine would be

FOKKER 100 (M)
MD11 (L)
DC10 (L)
727 (M)
A330NEO (L)


For me would have to be

  1. queen of the sky’s 747
  2. Antonov
  3. 757

747 Definitely!!!


Oh boy the A330Neo @B4RRERITA and the A220 @RudiMentaer75 :ok_hand:

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:+1: @Kyle ,
we need another M plane, help put the fokker 100


Historical outside of the orthodox box:

  • Vickers Vimy - sure, it didn’t have many passengers in that role, but hey, look at it!! :cupid:. They did try to set it up for passenger transportation after the war (that is the first one) down to the Middle East. We just have to factor in all the times it had to land inbetween for different problems…
  • Zveno - Must a passenger count as human, or can it be other planes? :grin: . Most lovely combination I know of.
  • Tupolev ANT-20
  • Junkers G.38 - It’s just so ugly you got to love it!
  • Baade 152 - Close competitor to above, and in that category.

Historical more traditional cuties:


Since the 747 has been added, this can be crossed of the list. Making my Top 5 as follows:
5: DC10/MD11 Iconic and beautifull especcially in the retro KLM/Northwest Livery would be really amazing, honouring KLM who flew these as Pax the longest
4: De Havilland Comet
3: Fokker 27/28 (Friendship/Fellowship) and/or Fokker 70/100 just because I am Dutch, some Dutch pride
2: DC-3 / C-47 Skytrain as cargo, the plane that saved WWII and very iconic
1: L-1049 Super Constellation (prefferable in the retro KLM livery) Still one of the most iconic and beautifull aircraft ever designed. So elegantunnamed


I absolutely would like the Fokker 70/100 to be added, and maybe even the 50.

And let’s not forget about Russian and Chinese aircraft. IL-96 HAV-IAD? SSJ100 SVO-PRG?


Good afternoon, I agree it’s time to have the fokker 100 in the game and even the fokker 50 @Herasmus95

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For me, please, A350 and A220


For liveries I would like to see Air Force One on a 747 I think that would be really cool.
Also some military aircraft like a C-17 or a C-130 for cargo planes. Also some helicopters would be cool.

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It would be great to add this aircrafts with Turkish Airlines livery :slightly_smiling_face: :blush:(a321neo)

That’s just one of my ideas but we could also add a321 with and without sharklets and a330-300 also.
Thank you.


Here are the others liveries and types of the same aircraft of Turkish Airlines :blush::

Thank you.

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That and a Russian Air Force IL-76 Candid.

I would love to see livery with the old Northwest.

I really would like to see the L1049 Super Constellation, A310, DC-10, B707

I would like the 717, 727, 727F, A310, A300.