We’re in the midst of developing new features and improvements. Today, we’re providing a glimpse into our current feature: the Tower Manager.

Tower Manager:

The Tower Manager aims to provide a more integrated experience in airport operations, allowing players to utilize tower controllers for Approach, Ground, Delivery, and Departures.

  • Controller Roles: Players will have the ability to switch between distinct controller responsibilities. Each role will have its set of tasks (like Landing/Takeoff clearance, faster taxiing, line ups, pushbacks…).
  • Efficiency: With the help of the tower controllers, there will be a notable reduction in manual “click” tasks.
  • 3D Tower View: A detailed 3D perspective from the tower will be incorporated, offering a different view of operations.

Fleet Updates:

  • Airbus A220: We are in the process of integrating the A220 in all its variants.
  • Revisions to Airbus A350 & Boeing B787: Both models are undergoing improvements.

This update is currently in development, and the release date will be shared once finalized.

We appreciate the community’s patience and support as we continue to enhance the simulation.

See you in the skies

I have to be honest - I was skeptical about the tower controller function when announced, but this looks like a great feature that’s not just a port of the ramp agent function. Great job, devs, and can’t wait to see it!


I agree with what was said above. Looking forward to the new plane/remodels too! I know a lot of people who will be happy once they’ve been added too.
Keep up the good work👍

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The A350 finally!!!

Separately, I love the tower control system

Any ideas of when we can expect to see this stuff ingame??

Keep up the good work devs!

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A220 addition + A350 and 787 remodel?!?!?! :o

Got to think a month or two at least. When they remodel aircraft they not only have to do the base, they have to do all the original liveries and any new ones from scratch, the 350 and 787 have a ton of liveries.
I say that long as it usually gets a couple of weeks of beta testing before it’s released to the world.
So stay tuned, if they are working on it like I think they are, it will be as soon as they possibly can.


Looking forward to the new update keep up the great work!

Looks great, sounds good, looking forward to this update.

Prehaps devs could publish a long term plan on forum, so we can know the airport and aircraft candidates for the future implementation, since the feedback page looks outdated and might require too much attention to fully update the webpage.


That’s unlikely to happen. First rule of roadmaps. Don’t give all your plans away. The feedback page is going to be retired in favor of the new content section on this forum as the devs are trying to streamline the number of places that content will be shared.
Note the dev blog also (like the one posted today) will give insights into what the devs are working on at a high level (350 and 787 remodels), new A220 and the tower agent.
But things like new airports etc. will be closely guarded until devs are ready to share.


Is the A320 family still in the works? Your not mentioning it

It will be on the roadmap, I’m not mentioning it because the devs aren’t either. It will come, but not yet for sure

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Tower Manager sounds like a great addition! Can’t wait!

I can help with info about it. Probably will be ready with next new airport in game.

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Please have Shanghai HongQiao(SHA) on the list for future airports :wink:

Will the tower manager be implemented in all airports or just the new one? There are some rumors in the discord that it’s only coming to the new airport and would love some clarification!

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Which airport are you callimg new?? SXM or whichever they choose to make next?

SXM is already made

New as in the upcoming future airport (I’ve maxed SXM so its no longer new to me haha!).

So to rephrase:

Will the tower manager be implemented in all airports or just the upcoming next airport? There are some rumors in the discord that it’s only coming to the upcoming airport and would love some clarification!


My understanding is it will be a new airport first, then rolled out elsewhere at a later time.


Thats cool hope they add a big airport this time.