Introducing the Planned Alliance Feature for World of Airports

Hello, World of Airports community!

I’m excited to share some details about a planned feature: the Alliance system. This update will focus on enhancing cooperation among players. Here’s what you can expect.

Building Alliances

Alliances will connect players into groups where each member manages a specific airport. Together, you’ll build fleets and operate as many routes as possible. Cooperation and strategic planning will be key to your success.

The Alliance Lobby

Each Alliance will have a shared lobby, serving as a central hub for all members. This will be your team’s bulletin board, where you can post messages, share updates, and coordinate strategies through the message board.

Goals and Ratings

The main goal of an Alliance is to achieve the maximum coverage of routes across the playable airports. The more routes your Alliance operates, the higher your rating will be. This will bring prestige and unlock new opportunities and rewards.

Dedicated Airports and Custom Liveries

In each Alliance, every player will manage a specific airport. There will be a new set of custom liveries for aircraft within Alliances, giving your fleet a unique and distinctive look.

Enhanced Servicing and Hangars

Being part of an Alliance comes with perks. Servicing aircraft at playable airports will be more efficient with the enhanced hangar system. You can temporarily assign an aircraft to the Alliance, allowing other members to manage it while it’s stationed at their airport. This feature encourages deeper cooperation and strategic resource sharing.

Joining and Managing Alliances

Joining an Alliance will be a team decision, with new members added through a voting process managed by current members. This approach ensures that each addition is agreed upon by the majority. Similarly, members can be removed through a team voting system if necessary.

Alliance Radar

Players within an Alliance will have access to a special radar. This radar displays all connections and aircraft operated by the Alliance, providing a comprehensive overview of your team’s operations.

Special Events and Challenges

To keep things exciting, there will be special events and challenges designed specifically for Alliances. These events will require coordinated efforts to complete tasks and achieve objectives. Successfully completing these challenges will earn your Alliance exclusive rewards and bonuses, further enhancing your gameplay experience.

I look forward to seeing the strategies and partnerships that will form with the introduction of Alliances. This feature is designed to bring the community closer, fostering teamwork and collective achievement. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the launch of this new addition to World of Airports.

Thank you for being part of this journey.

Happy flying,

The World of Airports Team

Ooo I’m looking forward to it while my WiFi is recovering! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Soo excited

Considering there are so many alliances formed already, it is amazing that it is being added as a set feature!

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I know that it is a really great idea but some of the big major changes to any game might make it less enjoyable game to play and make it like arcade games and I personally experienced this with many games that I had liked before but got major updates so many players of them stopped playing them including me but for this game the new user interface update 2.0.0 was pretty good actually and had alot of advantages in managing the contracts and handling planes but not many major updates in games were succesful like that update to this game so I say major updates are needed but must enhance the playing experience of the game

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Holy hell this is going to completely change the game. Looks so cool, I can’t wait!

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This bit confuses me slightly, will one person be able to manage multiple airports and multiple people manage one airport, considering most alliances will most likely end up with more players than airports?


This is the kind of update that could potentially rekindle my enjoyment of the game! Can’t wait to see it.

I’m understanding that EACH airport is managed by only one player. Thus the Alliance can’t have more players than Airports.

I think the allaince leader will decide

Yea and if this means that the number of players in alliance is limited to the number of airports in game its already a problem. No alliance can be full. I mean who will agree to keep playing INN and/or BRI for the alliance thing all along. That will bore those players out.
Also how about sending planes to someone who is a part of another alliance?
Can anyone who is familiar with the devs confirm what this means?


Actually that might not be as bad as you might think.
While it maybe the case for super go get alliances that want to max out everything. Some alliances might have folks managing the smaller airports. For example myself who doesn’t have a lot of time to play. Might be more than happy to handle INN as it’s easy and takes less time to manage, but still be part of an alliance.
Both options are entirely feasible


For example, my alliance (420) has been planning what we might do, and we think based on currently shared info that we can max our alliance within hours of it launching, and then only touch our assigned airports once a day for maybe less than 20 mins and stay maxed. So given what’s shared it’s def possible and you don’t even need to really commit much to the little airports. Challenges might change that tho

How will we do if the alliance has more than 20 members?

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Wait is this going to be a new update?

Will it cost anything to form an alliance?


I partly agree with you but thats actually a thing like people with us who are long time players.
The game should look forward to people who will download the game in the future. Of course they will want to go to larger airports as quick as possible. And as you yourself, if they dont have too much time either, they will stop the smaller airport first.
I think if we gather the data, there will be 10 times as many people who play bigger airports like LHR, IAD, MCT etc than INN, BRI etc. This alone will create a gap in the number of members in a particular alliance.

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I’m not sure I understand alliance play this way: each player can only join an alliance as a certain airport. All alliance-related interactions will only be available as the fixed airport that joined the alliance. Also, there is another question. I join alliance A as managing an IAD airport, can I then join alliance B as an NGO airport?Thank you

Good questions and issues are raised in this discussion. I don’t think @carlsberg72 can answer your questions as too little is known.
What we see here are broad paint strokes on a clean canvas, you can not make out a picture. I have great faith that the devs have put a lot thought into this, but only want to share what we have now.

I hope the “picture” will appear sooner than later, however.

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I think the Devs are creating alliances in the game and these will be different that what we call alliances right now.
It sounds like the purpose of the in-game alliance is to service as many NPA (Non Player Airports) as possible, from as many playable airports as possible.
This is a very different goal than current alliances have.

I for one really like this concept. It gives reason to play the small airports a few times a day (or week) to further my alliance goals, but I can still play my current airport to unlock Liveries or gain ₩.