The purpose of this first devlog will be to briefly present to our community the development progress of the 2.0 update and what to expect when it comes out.

Because of the features that are the result of player feedback and our own vision of what we want to achieve with WoA, we have to rewrite almost the entire codebase of the game from scratch, which is the main reason why 2.0 is taking so long to develop. The point of this extensive rewrite is so that we can use the new features in a more variable way to give players a better game experience.

The main new features are

Contract system - Destinations replacement

The player will receive contract offers from airlines or other players. As the game progresses, the contracts will evolve (aircraft size, earnings, special arrivals). It will still be possible to “lure” any airline to your own airport, but only in exchange for a marketing incentive (silver planes and wollars ). Domestic airlines at a given airport will naturally offer contracts. New parameters will be introduced, namely the rating of your airport, which will increase or decrease depending on how successfully the player handles aircrafts and plays mini-games. Player airport rating has a major impact on the load factor of arriving and departing aircraft, both player or airline owned.

Airline manager - Connections replacement

Airplanes have many specific parameters that affect the economy. The player must plan which aircraft to use for which route. Players create contracts with their own airplanes and offer them to airports where the recipient is either another player or an AI. A major change from the current connection system is that players can either receive/offer contracts from/to multiple players from the same airports.


There’s a change that each aircraft has a unique set/amount of requested services. Each airport service/vehicle has its own skill level. The player must decide which service at which level to use in order to reach the agreed upon time limit and receive a positive rating. The handling process has been redesigned to correspond with the real world. Our goal is to transform the existing click-run gameplay into a more strategic tycoon style.

User interface

After 3 years of experience with our game, we’ve found that it’s become necessary to simplify and better explain the game mechanics in our interface. This means that we’ve to throw away the old interface and create a new one from scratch.

Where we are

  • The Contract system is in early stages of testing.
  • The Airline Manager is still under development.
  • Handling system is reaching its final development stages and is now waiting for new models and animations for vehicles and personnel.
  • The user interface is still under development and will remain so until the last feature is completed.

Of course, it’s not just about the above. We’ve a fantastic new SXM airport, advanced aircraft models and many new smaller features that make this update a milestone that opens a new chapter for the World of Airports.

One word: WOW!

Awesome. Looks really good!:+1:

Are the previous airports San, Washington, Leipzig airport are going to be in WOA 2.0?

Can’t wait for the update to be out

It’s an update so I’d be surprised if they didn’t.

Really looking forward to this update, but also apprehensive about loosing the current gameplay.

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It would also be interesting to have the possibility of being able to communicate with the player you are collaborating with by sending and receiving planes.

So what you’re saying is that we will have another Christmas update just like the Leipzig update.

Are the existing airports going to be transferred into WOA 2.0 version?

Sure. Its update not new game. We just extend or modify current features.

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perfekt !

Not wanting to be seen as rushing to a judgment but these developments do sound somewhat ominous to a person like me whose PRIMARY interest in games such as the WOA & the UATC is, was & will always be that of the guy on the Observation Deck - to have the joy & pleasure of seeing all kinds of planes & airlines, decked in splendid liveries, keep coming & departing! Make the game too complicated/technical in the name of realism, and I am done with it! More alarmingly, there is no mention of the plane-configurator here, that, among others things, is intended to deliver a custom livery for the player’s entire fleet, a super-pet subject of mine which, along with construction & display of airline logo & name (really, really BASIC stuff, you know!) has now been three years+ in the making. It’s also something that the devs had expressly given me to expect in the upcoming release. If the new update is going to turn the game practically upside down, without providing even such teensy tiny BASIC bits of relief, then I fully endorse the opinion that an option to retain the current gameplay, with all its flaws & limitations, also be provided with the new update. After all the hype that’s been created, it would be such a tragedy if in the end the grand update turns out to be rather underwhelming. :disappointed:

I do understand your position here.
Intrigued to see the new updates, but like you I can’t fault the current format and the things I look forwards to most are new airports, new planes and new airlines.
As a football fan, I hope it doesn’t go the same way as Football Manager, which as it became more advanced lost the element of fun from it (in my opinion).
That said - the new update my be both brilliant and retain the current playability

Well, I do so hope that your optimism is borne out.