Overview of the current state of development.

  1. The user interface is what is currently holding us back the most from releasing the update. It’s being completely redesigned and we’re trying to refine techniques that didn’t fully work in the existing version, which keeps the whole team busy.

  2. We have decided to completely rebuild the 3D environments around the airports, as the third-party service we currently use is no longer working. This means better performance and better graphics.

  3. The contracts are ready. The balance of each aircraft and airline sizes is still being tested and fine tuned.

  4. The fleet manager is also finished.

  5. SXM airport is now fully functional and truly amazing.

  6. We have added a lot of new content to the game (paint schemes, technology, new aircraft models)

Of course, the most important question is when we’ll release the update. We can assure the whole community that there is no one on this planet who wants a release more than us. The whole team has been working on the edge of the possible for the last year to create an almost new game. We have to emphasise again that due to the amount of code changes, quality is our priority over speed of release. Our goal is the 2nd quarter of this year.

One word: WOW!
It is amazing to see how far you guys have come since 2020!


What does 2nd quarter mean?

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you guys are the best! Can’t wait for the update and nice hearing you guys also can’t wait!

Amazing Experience :relaxed: love From Karachi Pakistan
My wish this graphics is very impressive.

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2nd quarter is from April to June
And if they are talking about the financial quarter 2 then it is from July to September.

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From what I take from it, it is around April - June.


The 3D landscape is really impressive (considering running on mobile devices) and I feel that would be one of the most underrated feature of the new update (the new contract system and SXM will be spotlighted for sure)

2nd quarter (Apr-Jun) is a little bit late than I expect (I expect this update to be introduced to players in Mar). While considering the amount of work that required by reworking on the whole game, I feel it is a very reasonable time frame.

This game is honestly a part of my daily life and I feel great to be a part of the community.


It really looks so amazing the new update. I’m sure it will be worth the waiting as here also the game is a part of my daily life. I just hope it will be a bit easier (less expensive) to buy new planes and gain more profits from flights but next to that wow what an effort the developpers are doing for indeed a mobile phone game. Big respect and thanks.

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If you haven’t already, I would highly suggest you make it so the taxi paths are defined as nodes in arrays, so you can draw a path using an array that references the taxi points to draw a path, so each node is named, and contains the coordinates and whatnot needed to make the plane travel down it. Much easier. What prompted this post was one of the devs complaining about how long it would take to draw taxi paths from each gate to do whatever it was I was suggesting. I think it was to allow to use two runways to takeoff and land, or something. It was a while ago.

Also, if the game changes that much, could you incorporate a way to reset all progress without losing our planes? Just take them all and make them available from the first airport onward, size permitting.

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This is just amazing. This is truly innovative and exactly what world of airports needs.


The new interface looks amazing. When this comes out this is going to be great! Keep up the good work!

Was really hoping for a Terminal View

Waiting eagerly

I was wondering with new UI if i see wel on the services like cleaning, boarding, water, luggage,… you have to add a person to that service? So i guess hiring? What happens when you have already full services? You still have to buy then crew? I can’t wait for the update. I just hope we can earn again a bit more money with handling as before in the beginning so we can easier buy a plane. I totaly understand your develop work have to be paid but still…

Can’t wait for the update.

In my current game of all my airports, my ground crews are all at max level 5/5 in fuel trucks10/10 baggage carts, catering 10/10, oil trucks, baggage handling, and passenger gangway.

In the next update, I understand the fleets planes won’t reset but will the ground crews etc be reset?


I’m fairly certain it will be reset, since in the first devblog they said that each individual handling service will have its own rating, and the player will have to use the handling services at their disposal to handle the contract on time.

Every thing is starting from scratch except for the fleet of planes from each airports. The amount of money we spent on the last few years building each ground crews in all airports will be spent for nothing. I guess we can be great full that our fleets will stay the same except for the new liveries. :+1:

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If the handling service will be reset, money reset too?

If I lose my money, I’ll buy a lot of planes for each airport.

No I think not, because one of the recommends from Jeremy in his youtube video is to save money (wollars), that you are able to buy new airplanes afer the update. Look at google to: “5 things to do now in World of Airports before update 2.0”

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