We’re excited to share another development blog about the upcoming changes to the game. As we previously announced, we’re making a significant change to the game mechanic by putting full control back in the hands of players.

Players will have complete control over the entire turnaround process for each airplane, starting from the moment they receive landing clearance. This includes deciding when to cross the runway while taxiing, when to start and finish handling procedures, when to push back, and when to line up and takeoff.

We understand that this change will have a significant impact on gameplay, as it requires players to be more engaged and make more strategic decisions. However, we believe that this change will ultimately lead to a more immersive and rewarding experience for players who enjoy managing their airports.

To help players manage the handling procedures, we’ve added a new ramp agent who can take care of most of the work. The ramp agent can manage handling procedures on their own, but may sometimes require assistance from the player in making important decisions.

This change is aimed at providing a more realistic airport management experience and giving players greater control over their gameplay. We believe that the addition of the ramp agent character will help to make the handling procedures more manageable and allow players to focus on other aspects of airport management.

Thank you for playing World of Airports, and we’ll see you in the skies!

Finally, maybe we can use the ramp agent to just sit and planespot when we don’t feel like handling the aircraft, all in all seems like a good change


I wonder can we still speed up handling process?


Depending on the size of the aircraft, each task should be timed in realistic mode. The image above shows the amount of time is left to complete each tasks before taking off seems too short a minute or two till completion.

I know it’s a game but are we aiming for realism or stimulation?

perhaps … it will be replaced by “deal manager” that will cost 50sp for handling process automatically

I think we probably can, it looks like the ramp agent gives an option to automate it, but we don’t have to buy one.

I think that’s what the “Extra Crew” does

We’re going to have to issue runway and takeoff clearances for all departing aircraft now. I don’t think there’s going to be much time for planespotting anymore.

And what about the handling services we already “bought”? Will we lose that progress or not? I hope we can gain again more mobey as i guess it won’t be for free to have handling manager. But next to that it seems very nice.

And possibly taxiing instructions, push back clearance and other “apron and taxiways” commands.

Wow! Looks great, keep up the hard work guys!

This was my concern as well. It feels sometimes that aircraft leave far too quickly, which leads to large airports like LEJ and IAD feeling empty. We know the handling process has been reworked and has more activity (chocks, marker cones, etc) so maybe this will slow things down?

you don’t have to worry. the whole process is still realistic, only the activities are 3x faster. Even so, the turnaround looks good. The speed determines the number of assigned crew.

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Wow, it’s an amazing feature as I’m ramp agent myself :smiley:
Are you considering possibility for selecting specific taxi route for aircraft? For example at PRG a small aircraft would be possible for take off from B for 24 or even changing runways accordingly to the wind direction?

With regars
Your loyal player


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