We’re excited to announce a new feature coming to the update 2.0 - Contract Slots. This feature will limit the maximum number of active contracts that players can have on their airport at any given time. We believe that this new feature will add an additional layer of strategy and challenge to the game.

To start, players will have a limited number of contract slots available. However, these contract slots can be extended by purchasing new stands, or for silver or gold currency. This extension will allow players to take on more contracts, expand their airport, and increase their revenue.

By limiting the number of active contracts, players will have to carefully consider which contracts to take on and which to decline. They’ll have to think about the sizes/types of airplanes they want to handle, the profit margins of each contract, and the potential risks and rewards.

We believe that this new feature will provide players with a more realistic airport management experience and add a new level of challenge to the game. It will also give players greater control over their airport operations and allow them to make more strategic decisions about their growth and development.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and support as we continue to work on improving World of Airports. We can’t wait to see how players respond to this new feature and how it impacts their gameplay. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for playing!

See you in the skies!

I’m confused about this statement. Does it limit the amount of planes/contracts at our airport or is it the max amount of contracts I can sign?

@randomegyptian It does not include owned airplanes without an assigned contract. For example newly purchased airplane will not occupy a contract slot until you assign a destination to it. (Create a contract)

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I think it will also be interesting to see how they bridge between existing players, who have opened most of the destinations, in the new contracts program. My advice is, take it slow.

Can we increase the amount of contracts we can sign infinitely? Or is there a limit you can’t surpass even with silver planes/gold planes?

It was stated that all current unlocked arrivals will automatically be converted to active contracts.

How will this conversion go when someone has more converted contracts than contract slots?

Will go as its said. All open destinations will become Active contracts which player will be able to sign. I think there is small misunderatanding in translation. Not Active in meaning that ones that you have to accoplish but maybe better word would be opened - that you can confirm and start to cooperate with airline. And you can have always more opened contracts than Active ones.


Thank you, Tom… might you share an example?

Its the same situation like with new model of plane. First you have to unlock it and then you can buy it. Here with contract first also you have to unlock them and then you can sign choosen ones. Limit is for signed (Active) contracts at the same time. So now owned destination will become unlocked contracts that you will be able to sign and fulfill :slight_smile:

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Anyone notice the CRJ9 in the right side of the screen? :wink:


Please add the Aer Lingus long hauls for IAD! :shamrock:

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Already done:


This is a point I feel a bit concerned about. I don’t really know how many contracts a fully upgraded airport can sign. Of course an airport has its capacity limit, but if the number is relatively low and players have no option to spend their wollars in exchange for slots (like what players do in the game now), this can be a trouble.

I’m also unsure if it will be significantly harder to earn sliver planes, and unfortunately I heard something about this.

If everything above is ture, in this case, non-paying players may find themselves in an awkward situation. Devs have said something like buying golden planes to play means players can progress faster or make more customization and that is not about the gameplay itself.

I definitely understand players who pay for items contributes to the game, whereas all kinds of players are equally important to the game. Hopefully devs find a balance within.

We will be earning silver planes from contract rewards, so it should help with unlocking a lot of things.


That’s great, what a relief!

Sounds like this game is getting way to involved and complex.


And what happens when you have at some airports in current game all parking places and all slots open in use where you paid for? It’s not clear for me if you have in current game version many progress where you paid for what will happen or how it will converted.

All your progress will remain

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The progress that we earned before 2.0 game release?

Yes. And purchased planes. Only thing that will be lost is lvl of upgrade of ground units. But all purchased ground units will ramain.