Great update!
I dont wanna seem pushy, but I think a canadian airport would fit nicely in the roster of airports in WoA

YYZ, YUL, YYC or YVR could be cool

For smaller airports;

Lemme know if I can be of help if its on the roadmap ( personally think YVR Vancouver would be nice )


Yeah, I know that probably any major airport here was already suggested but I would go along with the Canadian airport since there are already a decent amount of airliners from Canada in the game. YVR (Vancouver) would fit in, since it has a clear roadmap, sufficiently available stands and a highly demanded Cargo and pax connection to Asia + the US.

A problem with that is we already have 2 airports in North America and the devs are trying to spread across the globe instead of just one continent.

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Yeah that isn’t happening any time soon, as they already have listed many major airports coming next, and we already have three NA airports

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I can help. I live in Vancouver. I can do the geography by taking photos etc…

Vancouver aint happening soon buddy!

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No mean to be disrespectful, but how do you know? Yes, we have to get an airport on every other continent first but how do any of us know Vancouver won’t be soon?

Never say never… but given the length of time taken to create airports, the earliest I could possibly see Vancouver if selected would likely be fall 2024 and probably beyond that into 2025, given we’ve got to get Oceania, South America and Africa situated first if we go that route. Not really the definition of soon.


I get that it would be far off, but as you say, never say never…

It’s not coming in the next few years, and probs much longer

Hey sorry if it sounded offensive…As @carlsberg72 put it in further comments. It wont be soon. But yea never say never.


There is a PC and Apple games called Big Fat Simulations headquarters is Langley BC about 45 minutes from Vancouver International Airport. They build several airports. You can click on the link for more information https://bigfatsimulations.com/