Introducing Parametric Takeoff, a game-changing feature that adds a new level of realism to your airport management experience.

With Parametric Takeoff, each aircraft will have a unique takeoff distance based on its characteristics. Say goodbye to standardized departures! Watch as airplanes leave your airport, following specific departure routes that reflect real-world aviation practices.

Unfortunately, the Parametric Takeoff feature will not include retracting gear due to significant changes required for all aircraft models. However, we understand the demand for this feature and want to assure you that it’s on our roadmap for future updates.

This feature brings diversity and immersion to your gameplay, making each takeoff a distinct event. Stay tuned for more updates on Parametric Takeoff and other exciting features coming your way.

Happy flying and safe travels in the World of Airports!

Landing will be in real speed too.


The larger aircrafts will require longer runways for taking off. I am assuming depending on weather conditions and size aircrafts , landing will require more time to land. Is that’s the idea?


I’m pretty disappointed that retracting landing gear wasn’t prioritised over this.

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Retractable landing gear was developed before this. As mentioned in the devblog, issues came up regarding this feature so it has been postponed.

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Finally !!!

Please add Dublin Airport with all the real world features!

But it’s slow in this video, it won’t be the speed that will happen, right??

we decide to be more realistic. maybe a game with spaceships in the future can restore the original takeoff speeds


Any idea when this update is suppose to be released?

Current understanding is before the end of June


It is definitely realistic. The ATR has a takeoff distance of 1200 m, the shown one needs 30 s to reach that point. This means it has a speed of 144 km/h which is the defined takeoff speed for an ATR.

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my question was that the speed of the video seemed to be in slow motion, I want to know if it will be like this in the game or if it is just a demonstration at a slower speed?

Truth is that this feature require all plane models to be 3rd generation to work smoothly. After this update main goal will be to upgarde rest of models to newest generation. Then also rest of players liveries set will be painted.

Could you guys make DCA, LGA, or BDL?

Do you think you’ll update every aircraft with its correct engine sounds too, even if you have to use YouTube videos to extract the sounds for planes like the Comet, Concorde and sadly, the An-22A and An-225?

I hope you do as the generic sounds are admittedly terrible, coming from an av-geek pov and it’d be a nice touch to hear the real engine sounds.

The upgrade you are referring are the plane models right? All the playable airports are in 3D.

They eventually will (hopefully). It’s just not their priority right now. I think however, there are some sound updates coming in 2.0 iirc.

There are many new sounds for planes in 2.0

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Pity. I’d love to hear the roar of a Concorde taking off again for the first time since her retirement flights in 2003.