I can confirm the following:
Golden Planes
Silver Planes
Existing owned aircraft
Infrastructure (stands and equipment)

Will be transferred to the update.

Piece of advice: before you start playing any airport other than SXM, make sure your stands are clear or you do not start handling aircraft on the ground so that you can spend time working on updating (transferring) your fleet. You definitely need to think about how many aircraft you can have at a particular airport and the destinations you want to send them to.

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Is it possible there may be some problem if we have planes on stands??

Not at all. I’m just saying to give yourselves time and space to figure out your fleet it’s worth keeping stands clear until you are ready. If there are planes on stands in the middle of handling, let them finish first. Timers don’t start until you start handling and they don’t stop until you click finish handling. So I’m trying to save folks some time and effort to do this first and make sure you are ready before you start handling again.
You are free to do it however you want of course. I’m just going from the experience I have seen so far

I thought transfer planes to other airports was postponed?
Do i understand right that in the new version handling timers won’t turn red anymore as long as you didn’t start handling? (Now when you don’t start handling when plane is at stand it can turn red)

Ok great thanks good to know

Yes that has been postponed, the devs have set this up that your existing fleet is being “transferred into the game”, once you claim the aircraft it goes into your fleet as normal. Should only be needed when you first start playing 2.0.

As for the timers. Yes they have changed. You have to click a button to start the handling. It is at that point the timers start, not when they reach the gate. However you will also need to click “finish handling”’if you are doing it yourself with out a helper “ramp agent”. System will tell you when it’s ready. Just got to remember to click it. That stops the timer.

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Oh sorry i misunderstood about transferring. But nice and do you think the painting deliveries we already had can be used again (so i mean are they already unlocked and we just have to adjust or we have to unlock them again)?

And for the timers that’s really a big improvement together with the fact that a plane that needs maintenance don’t have to get loaded with passengers and luggage. (That’s what i read before)

Thx for your replies very helpfull.

Any colors previously unlocked will be available for free. You just have to go in and re paint each plane. Obviously any new colors or liveries is a cost.

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I just wanna make sure about the maintenance cycles. We wont have to scrap planes anywmore for silver planes right??

Lots of my X and L are gone and so are my Wollars in other airports.

I assume you checked the “transferred” section of the fleet menu. As far as I could tell all
Mine were there. If you are sure that you are missing planes I would reach out to them directly so they can look at your account

Okay devs now how do I earn 20 and more golden planes to unlock an aircraft. There seems to be absolutely no way…And 1500 silver planes for 1 gold plane is as dumb as it can get. I hope you change this.

Find it.

Is there any way to come back to older version?

Not possible - your data was already “translated” to 2.0 in Database as far as i am aware.

I’ve been able to play the past version fine (as it seems) doesn’t that mean I’m not making any progress whatsoever from the original version (1.something). I haven’t updated yet…

Once you start 2.0 you cannot go back. If you are still on 1.5 you may continue i guess untill upgrade to 2.0

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What will happen if I sold my planes in the new version? We could get SP from the previous version if we sold our planes. How about that in the new version? Furthermore, Is the maintenance system removed in the new version?

I was just thinking the same, I can’t see anywhere in my fleet screen about maintenance and sale price, does anyone have any suggestions?

I dont thing its clear how it works - at least there is nothing in game that can give us clue about it.
During beta and 17 wipes it was impossible to reach that state of plane.