Development Update: Prepare for the Upcoming WoA 2.0 Update & Enjoy AirportPRG!

Greetings, World of Airports players!

We are delighted to inform you that the highly anticipated update is just a few days away. We want to ensure you are fully prepared for the transition, and we have some exciting news to share. But first, here are some important details about the update:

  1. Airplanes Transfer: All your current airplanes will be seamlessly transferred to the new update. However, please note that they will appear in a default Snow White livery. You will have the opportunity to assign contracts, change liveries, and customize their colors to your preference.

  2. Maintenance Reset: With the update, all aircraft maintenance will be reset to 0. This fresh start will allow everyone to embark on the updated gameplay with equal footing.

  3. Silver Planes: Your existing silver planes will be carried over to the new update. In version 2, silver planes will play a more significant role in expediting certain activities and even unlocking golden planes in the shop. Utilize them wisely to maximize your airport management potential!

  4. Golden Planes: Your beloved golden planes will also make their way into the update. Golden planes will become the primary and exclusive currency for unlocking new airplanes, liveries, and colors. You can earn them by leveling up on each airport or by exchanging them for SP (within the shop, with time and amount limits).

  5. Destinations to Contracts: Destinations will be transformed into contracts, conveniently accessible on each airport via a dedicated tab. This transition will provide more flexibility and opportunities for efficient airport operations.

  6. Level Progress Reset: Please be aware that your current level progress on each airport will be reset. This means you will have the chance to relive the excitement of leveling up and achieving new milestones.

  7. Stands and Airport Development: Fear not! Your stands and overall airport development will remain unchanged. As a special bonus, for each built stand, you will receive additional handling crew and a contract slot, further optimizing your airport’s performance.

  8. SXM Access: Great news for all existing players! We are thrilled to offer you free access to the SXM airport. Prepare for a fresh set of challenges and expand your airport network.

But wait, there’s more! As you eagerly await the upcoming update, we invite you to enjoy our updated game, AirportPRG. Immerse yourself in the retro airport management and explore the exciting features it has to offer. It’s the perfect way to shorten the waiting time and continue honing your skills as an airport manager.

AirportPRG game link

We appreciate your unwavering enthusiasm and support as we strive to enhance your World of Airports experience.

Stay tuned for further updates, and get ready to embark on a new chapter in aviation management!

See you in the skies!

The World of Airports Development Team

Ey, Airport PRG got an update as well, so cool! Can’t wait what 2.0 will look like!


Thanks so much for sharing this dev blog with everyone! Some massive changes and it’s good to know what to expect with some of these changes.


Thank you for your hard work on the update. The effort you put into creating an almost completely new game is really appreciated. I’m really excited to play it soon and I’m sure it will be worth every minute we had to wait for it. Until then I will enjoy the already great current version and, of course, Airport PRG, which is the perfect game to kill some time. Thanks to the update I could finish the Christmas level this morning with a delay of about 6 months or about 6 months early :smile: . The pathfinding adds a new challenge to the game and I will definitely play all the levels again.

Once again thank you for the hard work, time and effort you put into both games. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for your hard work in this update. Just one question. Since all my planes will be snow white, are all the colours I bought during the years still active or do I need to buy them new?

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Thank you developers and the staff of WOA for your huge contribution towards creating a brand new from scratch graphic design on airport buildings, aircraft models, airline liveries, sound, special effects, and finally update ground crews and passengers.
I wish to conclude a big thanks for the entire team creating a more realistic airport game that puts WOA on the map as the leading number one airport simulation game for many years to come!

Congratulations WOA Team​:champagne::clinking_glasses::tada:


It says that you will be able to change liveries (so you would need to configure each plane individually to reapply your liveries).

I would think that the specific colors we bought would carry over too, although not explicitly mentioned


In how many days will the update be available please?

That’s my understanding too. Colors purchased and liveries will be available to existing players. New players will have to buy them or if you had not purchased them in 1.0

Testing is in its latter stages. I believe it’s only going to be a few more days. The game is playable, but tweaks are still being made and bugs being fixed, it’s already come a long way since the first beta build was released.

So just a little longer and I know the devs understand how eager everyone is to play the new game, a little more patience and it will be here.


I think you need to record or write down the HTML colour codes from the existing game and enter the html codes onto current fleet.:+1:

I appreciate the effort you guys have put into this update. However I’m extremely concerned with the choice to reset maintenance progress. This is the hardest (and most rewarding) aspect to the game. It takes time and effort to level up your fleet. There’s no way to speed it up. I have 26 planes on the cusp of reaching maintenance D which has taken me 6 weeks to achieve (along with the rest of my fleet on B and C) Now, with 2 days prior warning, I’m told this will be reset. It’s extremely unfair on players.

WoA is a game we all love and enjoy, but this seems like a massive F-U to the current player base. It doesn’t make sense to force start everyone’s fleet fresh. I hope this is addressed or we are compensated.

My advice is to turn all planes at C maintenance into Silver planes. At least you get something back for your effort.

Do wollars earned at airports transfer over to the new update?

Not really. Maintenance isn’t the primary way of earning silver planes anymore, so it doesn’t really matter.


Yes I believe they will

I did actually scrap atleast 5 A306Fs, 7 E190s, 3 AT76s and so on in the last month. I collected silver planes so that i can get off to a quick start after they release the game.

I appreciate

Damn, I’m mountain hiking the next two weeks :sob:

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Oh I personaly just like it that maintenance progress will be reset as I don’t have to spend wollars directly and mostly i sell planes after A maintance so i still get wollars. I hate maintenance and the cost. Certainly because at some airports like prg i have a lot of planes. But i think it’s different for everyone, depends the way you play. My only concerns are that we don’t have to rebuy the deliveries wich we had now and hoping we gain again more wollars as in the beginning of the game.

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