Tower Manager

Hey guys!

I read in the dev blogs that the new Tower Manager is supposed to work only with Silver Planes, meaning that even fast landings should only work with SP. Is that correct, or did I misunderstand something?

Is there more information available on this? Hopefully, it won’t turn into an absurd pay-to-win mechanism. The game already tends to encourage spending money (though gladly for the team!).

I still believe that generally faster landing times would significantly improve the gameplay. Also, I find the statement in the dev blog about not all gates being occupied at the airport a bit odd. Airports like LHR thrive on maximizing all resources.

Así understand you can control yourself like it normally is (free) or you can delegate control to like planespot and stuff (sp).

I’m not allowed to say exactly how it will work.
Based on what I am testing there will be 2 pieces to it.
And yes the main piece will be based on SP’s


Okay, than we will see.

Quando ??? Date ???