Tower view from inside

I was hoping if we could sit inside of the tower and control planes. That would make it a bit more realistic(will it? :thinking:)There would be radar inside from which we can see planes which are still in the air after we assign them to a gate. Another radar for planes which are on the ground. If we touch a plane then it will be selected(like if we touch a card or touch the plane).
I know it is not possible to get the view of the inside of the tower but you can just and the radars on the sides.(Like in Airport Madness 3D)


I get your point but considering the whole fact that this is an airport management game and not an ATC simulation game I highly doubt the radars and stuff being implemented but the cameras might get an inside view.


Okay maybe not the radars but the view would make a bit more realistic instead of sitting on the towers.

My point exactly.

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Just the inside view of the tower and that should be okay.