Transferable money

I think that in the early stages of the game it’s extremely hard to get started and kind of gets people not interested in the game unless they are a hardcore fan or pay money. Mabye add it so once you max out everything in one airport you can transfer cash to another airport. I get the devs have to make money but starting fresh with only the golden planes is a bit of a kick in the ass.

You can transfer money from airport to airport by purchasing planes at the airport you’ve maxed at and then selling them for golden planes you then use those goldens planes to purchase money for the airport your just starting at.

And that is not going to change - with bussiness model game has. No advertisements no nonsense interruption in game.


and THIS is one of the best parts of the game, that you can play uninterrupted, I just hope the devs are making enough money to keep it developed and viable


I really want the devs to add the transferable money. Not from airport to airport but from player to player. For Example- Player 1 gives 10000w and 2 :key: to player 2.

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