Transferring Data

I would suggest that if there is a new update coming, should add a “Transfer Data” feature. What would happen if I had Innsbruck airport with a lot of money, planes, achievements, and I got Bari airport, I can transfer all my data from Innsbruck airport and all my data at Innsbruck airport will be transferred to Bari. And I also recommend adding more ground crews to any airport.

It would kill this game for lack of income for the devs.

Oof, I didn’t know that!

Think about real world too. Airlines have bases, yes sometimes aircraft are swapped in and out for technical reasons, but there is a reason why for example when Ryanair announce a new location they say they are going to base 3-4 aircraft there to run routes. This is mirroring that theory from an aircraft standpoint.

From an airport standpoint even if you own multiple airports as a group (think Manchester airport group in the UK as an example). Each airport has to stand on its own two feet and generate its own revenues. Same situation here.

Many have asked about switching fleets from one airport to the next and maybe in some very limited capacity it could be done, but the game is based around each airport being developed and managed separately so it’s not likely to change.

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I’m not sure I’d want to transfer money, I think that’d make life too easy as you’d just put it all in your services.

Being able to transfer a couple of aircraft would be good though, maybe the player to make a choice - transfer 2 small or 1 medium etc.

It would be good to allow transfering the planes for some golden planes fee. Transer S plane = 1 gp, M = 2gp …

What I would like to transfer is an account from an iOS device to an Android device :smiley:

How would it work with the aircraft registrations, that might be a reason you can’t transfer between airports. I don’t know but in real life could an American registered aircraft be based at Heathrow for example?

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