Translating city names

So I’ve been busy translating the game into my language. But what’s missing, are the city/airport names that we see in several places in the game, as well as in the airport selection. Many city names are different for different languages. Do we get to translate them somewhere as well?

The game uses the english version of city names. So I would keep it like this.

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That doesn’t make sense if you translate the game.

If you say so. Why were you asking then?

No, what you said doesn’t make sense.

Then switch to the already installed languages and watch the city names. All still english. Does it make sense now?

I totally agree on this. English is the main language of aviation and on every airport you’ll see destinations with their English names also, so why make it more complicated than it should be :hugs:

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But that’s logical since no one had the opportunity to translate them.

That’s not really true. Most airports show destinations in their own language, or dual own language/English. But that doesn’t really matter.

If you translate a game, it’s good to translate it completely. Following your argument, there would be no reason to translate the game at all. But now that it gets translated, it should be consistent.

The problem is when you talk to a german about Keulen he/she could have a problem to understand what you are talking about, because it has another meaning in german. Except you both use the english name for Köln.

But how is that relevant? You play the game by yourself. You choose the language you want to play in.

At the forum and on Facebook we speak English and we can use the English names there.

But the specific language versions should have translated names too. That’s only logical.

Well, do what you want. But then I have to ask too: Why were you asking then?

I guess you don’t know how the translation process works. The developers give input and others translate it. I can’t give my own input.

In all the current languages in the game the airports are in English. Why make an exception for the Dutch language?

That’s not the point. No exceptions. I think they should be correctly translated in all languages.

In fact, the exception now is that only the English version has the city names in its own language.

In my opinion translating city names would be just a huge waste of time and a big chance to implement mistakes. I don’t see many advantages of doing that as most cities have the same or similar name in different languages anyway and additionally you you have the IATA Codes to identify cities if you don’t now the english name.
The only thing what could be nice to have would be the local airport names in addition (like the world’s best airport :smiley: CGN - Köln/Bonn - Cologne) to the english version to learn something new. But as I said for me it would be just a waste of time.

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This question comes a bit late perhaps, but are you doing this translation on your own initative or in cooperation with the devs? If the latter, what input have you been given from them about this?

The translation happens through the website Localazy. The devs put every single phrase that is used in the game into this website. People that speak a certain language, can translate those phrases into their language. And after translation is completed, the devs can introduce it in the game. So it’s on the devs initiative and via the Facebook group, they have invited people to help translate the game.

So every wording has been put in there for translation. Except the city names that we see in several places in the game. I think it’s weird and incorrect to play a certain language version of the game, while the city names are still in English.

I see some arguments that the English names would be clear to everyone anyways. But then that would count for the rest of the game altogether. That argument would omit any reason for translation of the game. But since the game is being translated, it just makes sense to include the city names in that.

Thanks for this clarification.

The fact that in the other languages the devs have not translated/localized the airport names should be convincing then to not do this also in new localized languages.

Ich bin auch nicht sicher, ob in Bari die Übersetzung für Apron eventuell falsch ist. Dort heißt es einfach ‘Stand’. Meiner einfältigen Meinung nach sollte es eigentlich ‘Vorfeld’ heißen oder zumindest die Mehrzahl ‘Stände’.
Aber was weiß ich schon :grin: