Triple jetways

-Can you please add triple jetways for some X gates like in real life. Also similar to real life, L and X that are not the a380 will only use 2 of the three jetways.
-can you please make the crj9 and dhc-8 jetway compatible.
-Can you make the jetways at Nagoya, Muscat, and Bari see-through like the ones at Prague(Nagoya would be a blue version and Muscat would be slightly tinted).
-And lastly can you please update the website

Already done

Website is going to replaced by the “new content” section in this forum. Devs are trying to streamline content sharing to fewer platforms

I don’t beleive any of the current airports have this in real life, so doubt it will be added to the existing airports

Question: as someone who works in the airline business, to add realism, is it possible to add the bridge to the second door for L/X planes and maybe the 757?

They do actually use this IRL. One example is Dubai. Another is London Heathrow. The list goes on. Most airports that have the A380 use triple jetways.

Multi-Deck Aircraft Bridges | AeroTech - JBT
How did the Airbus A380 fail when the number of slot-restricted airports  keep increasing (going from 160 to over 200 in less than a decade)? - Quora

nah its real bro

The point that @horsepowergeek is making is that none of PRG, IAD, LEJ, NGO, SAN and SXM have triple jetways, so they won’t be added. Let’s face it most of those don’t even have A380 service anyway.

Yes he is right, the only airport in Japan equipped with three boarding bridges is Narita International Airport (NRT).
Central Japan International Airport furthermore does not have regular A380 flights, and more often than not, they are deployed at Kansai International Airport (KIX).

@Pizza_711 @meteoricwretch16 please re-read what I put… I know they are real, but none of the airports IN GAME have it in real life

oh ok mb I just searched it up and you’re right


this is what it looks like at dulles

can the devs still add this tho

crj9 and dhc8 with jetways

I believe PRG had three jetbridges when Emirates used the A380 for their DXB-PRG route. But since they use B77Ws now I’m not sure if they still exist