Turkish airlines Cargo not in PRG?

Looking at WOA feedback page, the Turkish’s A332F is not landing at PRG, that got me really confused as THY A332F is normal cargo jet to land at Prague regularly. Before the update gets released, can that be fixed please?

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The A332F will be available next update.

When the update comes out, you will be able to see it.

Feedback page only show what is coming next update, not what is coming directly into the game via the internet

About the “Connections:” part, it’s just a reference point. Devs will add in if they like or if things make senses

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Yeah, but the Turkish airlines a332f dosent got to PRG

It does actually, even the 77F comes too

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I mean, in game it’s not going to

Well the A332F is not even out yet, so can’t say for sure it’s not going to

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On the feedback page it says it won’t, tho maybe it will change, I hope it dose change

I sent a note to them to see if it will be added

No guarantees but I have asked for you

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Something that I really love about this game is how the Devs cares about player’s opinions. Hope that they will add both THY Freight planes.

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I would say that Turkish’s Boeing 777-200F is rare at Prague, that’s largely thanks to Turkey being not so far from from us (Flight time is around 2 hours on average).
By the way what website you used?

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That’s JetPhotos (a bit like planespotters.net but different)

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heard back this morning, this should be set in the next update.


Thanks for the information

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its now going to be in PRG

I’m going to lock this thread as the feedback page now confirms this will be in PRG