Turnaround time at Generic Destinations

I really should know the answer to this, but would love to get something definitive @shill, not sure if you know this or not…

When sending your own aircraft to a non-WOA destination, so for example. Sending an A350 from IAD to GIG or a 380 from IAD to SYD, obviously there is the flight time there and back, but is there any kind of turnaround time at the other end or is it immediate?

i am trying to plan my fleet a bit and while I have the answer for the WOA destinations (4 hours), I have never had confirmed what happens for the others.

Can you, or someone, let me know?


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It lands - being handled and then comes back immediately after handling is done. (no idle time).

If its a player connection that also depneds on how “fast” player is (if plane was awaiting for many hours or if its handled quickly).

Hope that helps. Planes do not idling just like that in WoA.

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Awesome, thank you for the quick response, yes I knew the 4 hours was a max for a connection (could be shorter), it’s was the generics that I wasn’t sure about…

Cheers :slight_smile:

I closely followed a CRJ700 flight from BRI to STN on the radar page. I found a 5 minute gap between the landing time and the time it said it would arrive home.
This was a few months back and things may have changed.


So I felt compelled to find out.
I sent a CRJ700 from IAD to PHI (16 minute flight time).

Arrived at PHI at 11:26

Departed PHI at 11:33

Rounding to the closest minute that would be 7 minutes on the ground. Now I’m wondering if other airports have different turn around times ?

This is off topic but i havent still gotten my own planes in IAD and i didnt know a 16 min flight even existed :joy:. Seems a bit unrealistic if you ask me. Maybe should be replaced by BOS, JFK, EWR etc…