Turnaround times

So I have many contracts at IAD. And today i decided to play the game non-stop until my airport became empty.
I have 7 small planes of mine and around 15 Medium planes.
I have no small plane or medium plane contracts except my own planes and connections. All others are international contracts in Europe, Middle East, Asia etc.

This is the map after I handled all the planes. It took me 1hr 45mins to do so. Other things i followed included that the Smaller and closer destination planes were to be handled in the end so that I wont have to handle them again as they come back in less than an hour.
But by the time I finished handling all these planes. My large planes too had reached destinations in South America and Europe.
I actually have 90 contracts as you can see below but active flights show less as my large planes have reached Europe and are currently not flying back.

What I want to say is…Its not realistic…the speed of these planes. I mean by the time I finish playing they are already in Europe and in no time they will come back and clog up my airport again.
Please devs something needs to be done about this.
My suggestion: Make the times Progressive. By this I mean that the closer destination planes will be entirely realistic. Medium haul destination planes will be slightly faster than they actually are. And long haul destination planes can continue following the current speed in game. This will ensure that all aircrafts will be back from between 3 hours of sending them to 8 hours of sending them.
What do yall think??


Interesting perspective. I had an idea the other day which I would be curious about.

If you assume that the base flight time is on a daily scenario and on many routes they are less than daily. How about being able to increase the time via a slider up to 7X, which could be up to 1x weekly in a conversion

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Although a bit complex than what I said, thats a good way to look at it too.
But then the devs will have to adjust how frequent flights are and related stuff. Not to mention we have several airlines and aircraft that are not in service anymore too. That would take a lot of work but still a great way it can be done. In my opinion, skewing and adjusting just the times might just do the job.
But your idea how having a slider for the time seems interesting too.

Another perspective I had is:
We should increase the timing for all aircraft. But at the time when planes depart the airport for a long route, another plane leaves the destination and flies towards the airport. This means that two aircraft operate on this long haul routes. While on the medium haul ones, only a single aircraft operates the route…i.e when the aircraft flies out from the airport. It lands at the destination and then the same aircraft flies back. [One single aircraft operates on the routes].
Also btw…Is there any sort of system that conveys our suggestions like these to the devs? Or just the ones that one of you leaders read is conveyed by you to them? Just a bit curious!

I’ve seen a lot of people taking issue with this - but I don’t quite understand why…

Compared to 1.5, when we could play for as long as we want but always have planes to land, the current system forces you to pause and at minimum switch to another airport, effectively limiting how much we can progress daily, especially at the early stages of an airport.

If you don’t want them to “clog” up your airport, just don’t be in the airport. If a plane arrives in the app, and no one is there to see it, does it make a sound :wink: But I don’t like the idea of limiting arrivals (such as the timetable idea I’ve seen in other forum threads) or slowing them down in some sort of way that limits how much we can progress even more.

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I personally once posted about the “timetable” idea, but more as a game mode and not the only way of playing the game

But I do have to say I still stand by the fact that the time flies by way too quickly in the game compared to how the aircraft move

I just checked it yesterday with INN and it jumps from 1am to 5/6am in about an hour. That’s really quick but it takes the planes time to taxi to the stand and land/takeoff
And their turn arounds (especially after they depart and come back) are kind of fast