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I believe there used to be 3 destinations from PRG for maintenance (FRA) Frankfurt, (OSR) Ostrava and another. Today I had multiple planes ready for maintenance and could only send them to (FRA) with two slots available for (OSR) and no third maintenance destination.

Problem at PRG.

  • Arrival deactivation is not possible. After pushing the button for deactivation the circle is turning without any confirmation.IMG_0940.PNG

i got the same issue with u. It’s really annoying.

I don’t know if this has been reported already, but at Nagoya, the UI timers for handling services move way slower than they should. For example, for every second the fuel timer goes down, about 2-3 actual seconds have passed. This bug seems exclusive to NGO, as I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

It’s at every airport

In the hangar and has been pointed out already…

AN225 (8 Engine Variant)
ATR76(2 floors with engines)
And the 734 Max

This probably happened because of a bit of lag due to a lot happening in game. (as well as a bit too much tapping from impatience…)

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But it did find this…

As you can see here there are to loading line things.

Im going to see if I get this

I also have this

Ok, this timer thing is getting a bit annoying now… I know that we can use W to speed up the process but using the leftover landing time for handling is too little and definitely a bug. The problem comes when I wait to handle player aircrafts.

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Also, there is a lot of check Bs across all sizes of fleets.

Seems people still have to choose the right door or fall to their death



That’s getting fixed in the next update, it was loaded onto the feedback portal earlier.

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Also, when there are no stands for a certain aircraft to go to, the landing plane icon on the left is greyed. The problem is when there is a stand that is free, the greyed icon doesn’t turn yellow, until the next plane comes along in the landing queue, or until you allocate a stand to an aircraft in the queue.


Yeah that one has always “bugged” me


Same here, do you know when this will be fixed?

That one has been fixed (the B maintenance)

in the section “my fleet” if i try to sort by state of maintenaince, it doesn’t work, i expect that pushing the arrow to order, the game put A, B, C, considering the NM for each plane, otherwise with a lot of plane become hard to check all their status

@carlsberg72 Just wondering if you have forwarded this to the devs yet? It would be great to have a working NM list that goes both ways. Also links with comment above