Un Concorde - A beauty in the sky

…or more on the ground here :yum:

Since the Concorde for the moment can’t be send to any airports of other players, and no other so far has posted some pictures for curious people, I herby give you some pictures to see this lovely bird as depicted in WoA.


Will it be available for ordinary players at the future?

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As for now - its exclusive for backers from original campaign.

However since game is free of charge (also “add free” so it doesn’t generate earnings form advertisements either) it can happen that this particular plane will be available to purchase for a price tag that will correspond to original amount from backers probably scaled down as there is no beta/alpha access anymore, and those were part of package with Concorde).

But thats just my speculations - it may be necessary to do if developers will face poor income flow from micropayments - because thats basicaly only way to keep current developement rate well simply speaking time usually cost money).

They should not upset backers taking away promised exclusivity, but at the same time backers would probably not entirely be angry if it would help further developement of the game.


I think it could be wise to launch other exclusive planes along the line being purchasable, and maybe some exclusive ones just during certain times. Make rarities feel rare and special. Having these would not be so different either from what other games do for rarities. Some games have stores for selling or trading rarities, and the game company takes a middle-hand fee. This also gives a chance to get something you really wanted, but missed.

P.S. I would definitely pay for a Tante Ju! Or why not the wonderfully beauty/ugly Avia Av-14FK? :grin: (absolutely not a hint :stuck_out_tongue: )


Junkers will probably be rare visitor on some special “Achievements” in the future. Avia AV14-FK is so ugly that i dont know even :stuck_out_tongue:

ps. as a backer i also like Concorde being unique. There are so many rare planes that potentialy can come in future as specials (MD11, B707, A310…)

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I think it’s the ugliness that makes it so special and “charming” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I liked the B707, quite different look. de Havilland Comet is also a bit special, as is Lockheed L749A. There’s a lot of special airplanes to take from :slight_smile: , and I hope for some flight shows that requires us to handle some old Fokker Dr.I, Spitfires, Mig-3 or the likes - I have to go and cool my head a bit now, before I drool too much! :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent:

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I would just be happy to see a larger variety of airliners, 757s, 747s, MD-80s/717s, Maybe CRJs/ERJs as well.

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New planes are comming :slight_smile: only problem that one day is still having 24 hours here in Europe, and evenings after work are more like 5-6 hours :slight_smile:

Brrr I associate this plane only with Hitler xD But I understand, this is a very interesting wings.

Focus is going to be on airliners. Heritage / 1WW / 2WW planes may be associated with events more than with regular traffic that can be handled.

Would like to thank JensK for sharing those pics.


just the same opinion :joy: all the old wonderfull machines DC 2,3,6, Connie, Spirit of Saint Luis :wink: