Unable to Add Cargo Stands at IAD

I started World of Airports quite some time ago and fully upgraded Dulles. I don’t believe there were cargo stands at that time in the game, so all gates are some variety of passenger. I’d love to get some cargo flights coming in there, but can’t because I don’t have any cargo stands. Is there a way to reset any stands so I can get cargo coming in? I’d rather not reset the whole airport, as it took a lot of work to unlock it all.

have you tried to buy a cargo terminal? :wink:

Here is a tutorial how to buy a cargo terminal.

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I am not seeing that terminal available for purchase. Would I need to have enough currency to purchase it in order to see it available for purchase? And if so, how much do I need to have saved up?

you can see terminal purchase without any money, just use step 2 (click on the icon you use to buy the passenger terminals and find the cargo terminal) - It is the same as buying the passenger terminal (only another location).
If the problem persists please add a screenshot.:wink: