Unable to log into the Game

I use ios version of the game. My game somehow got disconnected from my game center after an update, and the game automatically set up a new game account for me, i tried to log out and log back in my game center to get my old data back, and i also tried by deleting and reinstalling the game, all failed. Game just keeping load that new account instead of logging into my game center account.

Contact devs Support@flyboys.games

Thank you! I will try this email address asap

Well, no one have replied my email yet, i waited several days, i also tried to contact the team on facebook, no luck… i got no idea how to contact the team…

Im pretty sure they are on christmas break rn. I emailed them about an lhr bug on the 26th but still no response, so christmas break would make sense.

How long did it take for the devs to reply to you? I am having the same issue as you since yesterday. I emailed them yesterday but nothing yet. I’ve also messaged them on Instagram and Facebook but no response.

well, i waited for more than one and half months, no one ever replied me yet

Seriously? They still haven’t replied to your ticket?? That’s not right. I’ve invested way too much time and money into this game over the years to start all over again.

hey man, it’s been a long time, nobody ever replied my emails and my messages on INS and facebook, pretty weird

That’s awful man. I’m sorry you went through that. How do we get a hold of them if they don’t reply back?

Mine still hasnt been replied to either. However, it seems as if the bug has been fixed for the most part(lhr day/night cycle bug)

I have no idea how to reach them man. I tried to find a way to fix the problem myself, so far, no luck… And it seems that not many players have the same problem like us

I got a response from them today! Here is their fix to my issue. It worked and everything is restored.

OMG! I tried it, it worked like a magic hhhh! You saved the day man! Thanks a lot!

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That’s awesome! I’m so glad. I wasn’t going to gate-keep that solution so I’m relieved to hear it worked for you too.

Do you play daily?

Not daily, got a lot going on from work, i play this game when time allows me hhh

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